Canoodling beside me

I have so much sewing to do before Christmas but can’t seem to get into it. With the endless rains, we seem to be more inclined to watch the ongoing storms, drink coffee and discuss future plans for the property.

Three years ago we agreed any new projects we would start needed to make use of all the construction materials left over from the house reno. So we began building the guest cabin and the greenhouse. We finished them, like we wanted, and were able to use everything we had laying around the property, but still we needed just a few more bits. It is a slippery slope.

We hired a barge last March to bring over all of the bits and pieces we would need to finish the projects we had in mind. The house and guest cabin are essentially finished and the greenhouse and garden are almost done. There are few construction materials left unused, everything that came on the barge has been used, and we have nothing urgent which needs to be seen to.

Our latest plan is to absolutely not start any new projects. None, no more. No new projects until 2023. None! In 2023 we will think about replacing the roof on the workshop but the new tarp we put on it is holding up well and I think we can ignore the whole thing for a little while longer.

But, as is always the case living here, none of the projects we have already begun are finished. There is always just a bit more to do. The trim on our bedroom doors, the trim in the guest cabin, the pond pump, the greenhouse countertops. Lots of finishing touches to finish. So that is the goal for 2022, finish what we have started. When and if we ever do, we will start on the workshop.

It should be a nice pace for us, slowly plugging away at small jobs.

I went down to the waters edge today for your moment of zen, as the sea lions were here

Do you remember when I showed you pictures of the eagles kissing at the cut (Know eagles kiss )? Well the sea lions were at it today. Here is a wee clip of them

canoodling beside me

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