For you tomorrow

We have all heard of famous wild life photographers who spend hours frost bitten in hidden blinds waiting for the perfect rare shot. Well, I want to get some fun pictures for you but am hoping my sit me down needn’t get chilled.

As the seasons pass, we move through riveting topics on this blog. Tomato growing and water issues often take a prominent role in the daily updates, but today we take a step back to my favourite topic and hopefully the main focus of the blog during the winter months ahead. The nature channel.

I went down to our water access at high tide, just before dusk, to try to catch the sea lions playing for you. There was no sign of them. While I waited, our resident seal floated by. He is often seen alone in front of the house. It looks to me like he has a problem with his eye. It is the first sign of an issue.

Resident seal

There was a kingfisher catching his dinner off the tree above me. He is hard to photograph as he is very quick and well camouflaged. Often, I only know he is there because of the distinct call he makes when on the hunt.


We have three Harlequin ducks who arrived this week to the cut. I don’t remember seeing them here ever before. So beautiful.

As I sat on the rock bundled in my grey coat, disguised to blend in with the rocks near the waters edge, I had an intimate visit with an otter. I was sitting in the middle of the route which he takes to his home. He normally goes up the rock where I was sitting and climbs the hill to the cliffs behind our garden. He looked confused about my presence. We can consider my chat with him today’s moment of zen.

So no sea lion video for you today but I do have pictures of a nice variety of wildlife and, for me, it was a fairly beautiful hour spent on the nature channel. Lets see what I can find

for you tomorrow

7 thoughts on “For you tomorrow

  1. That was beautiful. I don’t think I have ever seen a kingfisher, nice! Being a fisherman’s wife I have never appreciated seals & especially not sea lions. But I do enjoy your enthusiasm for them.
    Thank you again for today’s blog
    Gail 🥰❤️

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