if you will

We are drinking a nice red wine to celebrate. We celebrate all things big and small. Tonight we have three things to celebrate.

Most importantly, we celebrate the anticipated arrival of a second grandchild. The role of grandparent is one which we so enjoy. We are fortunate that the parents of our first grandchild allow her to visit even if they can’t get here and we feel that, although we miss living close to them, we are able to form a bond through her ongoing visits. Our children visited the island frequently when they were young and the result was a unique and strong bond with their Papa, forged by extended visits without their parents’ influence. Our son has called upon his positive experience and relationship with his grandfather to convince his wife to share their daughter similarly with us. We are fortunate and so excited to share the island with a new family member.

Secondly, we celebrate the water situation. You will all be so thrilled to hear that as of 3:34 pm yesterday, November 11th, our water tanks are full. We have 8750 gallons in storage. For reference…

Dec 1 2018 4600 gallons June 1, 2019 3800 gallons

Nov. 19, 2019 2400 gallons June 1, 2020 3450 gallons

Nov 13, 2020 8000 gallons May 22, 2021 1600 gallons

Nov 11, 2021 8750 gallons

Although there was a point last year when our tanks were full through the benefit of rain water catchment, there was a large human error factor and we ended up beginning the gardening season, with only 1600 gallons of water. We were able to pump from the well every day, enough water to survive the summer, but I lost a lot of plants and the vegetable growing season was ended early due to a lack of water. Imagine if I had access to 6000 more gallons!!! I am filled with optimism and have started shopping for my seeds and planning my new perennial purchases for next summer. I usually put a seed order in around Christmas. Hours pouring over seed catalogues are a favorite winter pastime for any gardener.

I will tell you about my third reason to celebrate next time we chat. But I will give you a hint. One of my friends here on the island so very wisely said to me with regards to my desire to step back from my volunteering responsibilities, “if you don’t step back there is no opportunity for others to step forward” or something to that effect. It was very wise advise. This island benefits from a very active community of volunteers. But the island also has had a lot of new people arrive in the last couple of years. More, I dare say, than ever before. A changing of the guard, if you will, and the new community members deserve the chance to participate and contribute. More info to come……

E took another couple of trees down this week and the resulting firewood could well fill our sheds. A couple of nice big burn piles has cleaned up the mess and given me hours of enjoyment.

I went down to the water tonight to get you a great video of the sea lions but they didn’t show up.. So unreliable! So here is a wee video of my view as I sat by the water at dusk… A moment of zen,

if you will

10 thoughts on “if you will

  1. Such good news about the water situation. With rains like what we are having I’m sure if those tanks were bigger you would get even more! Your moment of zen was very much enjoyed by me as I start my day here.


  2. Good morning Moira
    We are Celebrating all Diamonds achievements this month…I wasn’t sure if you had received the news of the expected baby, I knew you would be overjoyed 🥰
    Happy you have all your water reserved for winter. Happy quilting 😊

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