question my sanity

It was a dark and stormy night, followed by an equally dark and stormy day. One of the first when I didn’t get outside to get at least one outside chore done. Well that’s not true. I went out to the wine cellar to stock up for the week. Other than that, I was pretty much planted in front of the window watching the storm. E, however, had to make a quick run across the channel to the big island to pick someone up during the storm. I was very glad my presence wasn’t required. I did, however take a picture of them out there.

My threshold for rough water has increased steadily year by year but I am still not a big fan. Every effort is made to schedule trips on calmer days but often the reasons are unavoidable. Again, as I have said before, life on this island is not for everyone. Many would find the need to drive a boat in rough water prohibitive. The dogs don’t get sea sick. Not that they travel with us very often and when they do they both sit on my lap holding on for dear life, but fortunately, they never get sick. When our granddaughter is on the boat with us and the water is rough, I spend a lot of time saying “WHEEEEE” with my hands up, kind of like a brave teenager would behave on a roller coaster.

We have had a couple of burn piles this week. As I was raking leaves on to the flames, puttering about the property adding more random branches, E looked at me and said “you are in your happy place aren’t you?” It is quite true. Even after he had gone down to the house to do some thinking after lunch, I stayed by the fire. Imagine, if you will, the peace and quiet and opportunity for reflection these times can bring someone like me who has had difficulty coping with stress and depression for years. Don’t need yoga when you have a burn pile.

We have two more trees picked out to be murdered once the weather clears. Dropping trees produces more branches and mess for more burn piles. Hopefully the next two trees will be enough to fill the wood sheds. If not, we will just keep going. There are lots of deadish trees up top in our “wood lot” beside the water tanks.

The sea lions are making their winter presence known. Every day at high tide they have a small conference in the waters below our deck. I am not sure if they are barking to discipline the stragglers or arguing about which direction they are going to swim next, but, like clockwork, ten or twenty pop their heads up like periscopes and the barking ensues. As you can imagine, their strange sounds drive our dogs nuts.

This change from daylight saving time is killing me. There have been mornings this week when I have been up at four am. It will come as no surprise when I tell you that it is very dark at 4am and I don’t have a lot of choice about how I can spend my time. But, with the heavy rain we have been having, I have the added benefit of two or three hours to listen to the rain on the metal roof without distraction. I admit, when I get out of bed at that time of the morning, the dogs look at me like they

question my sanity.

2 thoughts on “question my sanity

  1. I must agree, a fire takes the mind into a different realm. Also true, as much as I love the quiet at times, I know I would miss people and watching the traffic out my window, of cars, people, and people walking their dogs.

    I agree 4am is dark. As it’s 4 05am as I write this. I will be leaving my house in 25 minutes for work.

    Have a glorious day.


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