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In today’s episode of ‘What foolish thing did that woman do this time?’, I must confess to you why E had to launch the kayak to go under the house to retrieve the canister portion of my Hoover Windtunnel vacuum cleaner off the rocks below. It had been pouring rain, I needed to dump the dust from the full canister, and I would just have to walk a few feet if I put it over the rail. Then, the dust got stuck and I tapped the canister on the rail to loosen said dust, and yadda yadda yadda, “E, we are going to need to get the kayak out!”

Our water catchment is thriving with the current rain storms. Between last night at 5pm and 7am this morning, we caught 750 gallons of water off our roof. There is a lot more rain expected this week. We are currently sitting at 6200 gallons with 2000 more gallons of water needed for our storage tanks to be full. With our new metal roof, when the rain is heavy like it has been, it is so loud in here!! We just love it. We turn the stereo down and listen to the music of the rain and grin from ear to ear…. Then, we have long baths whether we need them or not!

We christened the greenhouse on Sunday, as all greenhouses should be christened, with a couple of bottles of red wine and leftover Hallowe’en candy. We waited in the bunkie for the trick or treaters, with Frank on guard. Once all of the children (two), had come, we proceeded with the festivities. Our neighbour, and most revered gardening mentor, joined us as we sat four feet apart in the heated, lit greenhouse and had a most wonderful evening. This was as close to socializing as we have done in a long while. We have hardly seen anything of our friends. We are just not comfortable with most visitors and won’t be until the Covid numbers on Vancouver Island are in the single digits and more people are vaccinated. But, my gardening mentor is as close to a bubble as we have.

Ok, so I may have dropped half of the vacuum cleaner canister off the deck into the ocean but, in my defense, at least I was making an attempt to clean the house. Next time I will dump the dust into the

compost like usual

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