a great one

If you are like me, you had sea lions swim past you as you read your book this afternoon.

Or maybe you have random ships coming under your deck to take a look see, like this one who came by at dinner.

Sometimes the boats that come by, aren’t sight seeing but working, like this log salvager who came by last week.

Or this tug that came past during yesterday’s storm.

Even if there are no whales there is always something for us to watch on the waters out our window.

E had one of those frustrating off grid weeks which is, strangely, also satisfying for him.

Friday afternoon was going along just fine when, out of nowhere, we lost all power. Sure we live off grid but we do have a power system. Power for lights, fridge etc. supplied by our battery bank which is powered by solar when it’s sunny and a generator when it isn’t. It all went dead. E spent a couple of hours figuring out what was going on. It turned out the wire to our well pump was shorting out and tripping the system to cause a fault in the inverter. When the weather gets better he can fix it but in the mean time we just won’t pump water from the well. He turned the well pump circuit breaker off and the system was able to function again. Just before dark, we were sorted.

After a couple of dark and stormy days, E went to start the generator to charge the batteries this morning. It was working just fine yesterday. But this morning it wouldn’t start. He headed up to the gen shed for a couple of hours of problem solving. He was back for lunch with a functioning generator. It looked like a problem with the glow plugs as the preheat indicator wasn’t glowing, so he cleaned up some of the connections, put them back together and the generator started again. This is a 7 k Kubota diesel generator which is very old, normally very reliable and will probably still be working long after we have left this mortal coil. Sometimes it just needs a hug, as it were, like we all do.

This life really isn’t for everyone … but for someone who likes to solve puzzles, it’s a great one.

2 thoughts on “a great one

  1. Thanks again. Glad you have power and all your wires are hooked up & running 🥰. I love watching the water (ocean)at any time. I have friends who live on the beach in Ucluelet Rez….& family in Alert Bay. I love just watching the “view” from their vantage points. Also, we used to travel down island on the new big ferry or ? ( I can’t remember exactly) & I could sit at the window all day and just watch the waves, wake or whatever was outside in those waters. Pretty amazing for a prairie chick like me 🥰.
    ( but then Robert’s mom always said I travelled on board better than any of her girls )
    Good night my friend


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