Alien landing craft?

The deck lit up bright green at 2 AM last night and stayed that way for forty minutes. A sudden heavy downpour put 250 gallons of water into the tank under the deck which triggered the light and the float valve to pump the water up the hill. The water was coming in so fast though, it just kept pumping and couldn’t empty the tank in the usual twenty minutes.

With our Blue Jays done, we were in bed early last night, with no excuse to sleep much past six this morning. Up early, my chores were done by 11 with nothing to stop me from reading for the rest of the day. My task d’jour was to get the garlic planted.

Last July my garlic harvest was pathetic. The cloves could have been planted too deep, too close or, for all I know, planted upside down. Any possible combination of errors could have been responsible. I know they were definitely planted too late. I barely earned enough garlic to get us through the summer let alone have any left to plant this fall. This year we are going to better document what I did so I know what or, more likely, who is to blame next July if I once again have no success.

I ordered 3 pounds of hard necked garlic from Vesey’s in PEI last year, along with my tomato seeds, and it was shipped to us this week.

1 pound Music = 9 bulbs = 60 cloves to plant

1 pound Purple Stripe = 9 bulbs = 100 cloves to plant

1 pound Racambole = 7 bulbs = 72 cloves to plant

232 cloves to plant in my two new garden beds of compost. When the leaves fall off the maple trees I might pile them on the beds for a little winter protection. I have never done it before but am game to try new things.

I spoke with two very old friends this week who have followed the blog since the beginning. One mentioned that she likes to read the blog ‘cause it’s like we have had a morning cup of coffee together, like the old days, and she is caught up. The problem is, she knows how we are doing but I am not caught up with her life.

So then I spoke with a friend whom I bet I haven’t heard from in eight years. She knew all about us from following the blog but I told her I would like to hear about her family and her life. I spent every day, all day, sitting beside her at work for years and years and years and so loved it when she wrote back to fill me in.

So let me be clear, to all our friends out there who read the blog. We would love to hear from you!

I wonder what it looks like to people living across the water when a large area on a completely dark off grid island suddenly lights up bright green in the middle of the night.

Alien landing craft?

9 thoughts on “Alien landing craft?

  1. Yes, I love your blog. We don’t know each other, a friend sent me the link to you. My blog is well— Have been blogging since 2009. When I started that my youngest kids were 8, 6, and 4, so now my life is very much quieter than it was. But the blog has been the best for taking notice of all those normal days around the house, silly things, caterpillars, weather, watching kids grow. Thanks for your blog. I enjoy it very much, Val


  2. Good for you getting it in before oct 26 the magic last day to plant garlic. So if you are successful and 180 bulbs are harvested you will have to eat 1 bulb every other day or assuming 6 cloves per bulb 3 cloves every day. I’m glad we don’t sew together!!!

    Love your blog. Like your other fans I look forward to each post. I am a lazy writer but I’ll try to fill you in on our life here from time to time. Right now I’m recovering from a nasty fall in the house but it has forced me to sit in my chair with my dog by my side and bury myself in my books. I’m so grateful for every day. 🥰

    On Wed, Oct 6, 2021 at 5:02 PM Off the Grid Islander wrote:

    > Off Grid Islanders posted: ” The deck lit up bright green at 2 AM last > night and stayed that way for forty minutes. A sudden heavy downpour put > 250 gallons of water into the tank under the deck which triggered the float > valve to pump the water up the hill. The water was coming in so” >


    • Any time you want to update me on your garden, your dog or your falls, I am here.
      I need to move the dahlias as I put them on the wrong side of the garden. They bloom toward the sun, away from my sitting area.
      Need to move them to the other side.. but they still have flowers. How long do I wait before digging them up do you think?


  3. That’s a lot of garlic. I bought three bulbs of hardneck from our local nursery. They were locally grown so I think they will have a good chance. Last time I did that (2018) I got a good crop, but we don’t use a huge amount. And I had enough left to plant for 2020. – Margy


  4. I’m sure if I wrote a blog it wouldn’t be near as “newsy” as yours. 🥰
    But I will try to send some news of “over here” from time to time
    Thanks again your blog. I love it!


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