I can control

And the answer to the question on everyone’s mind is 3625. Aided by record breaking rains, and despite the inordinate amount of bathing going on, we are up almost 3000 gallons of water this month with 5000 to go until our tanks are full.

Once again, I am filled with optimism for next year’s garden. If only we could eliminate human error out of the equation my plants would not have to go through the stresses I seem to inevitably put them through. I managed to take pictures of some of the flowers on their happier days and have updated the 2021 garden page in the gallery at the top of the home page.

This year was to be the year we spent our time and money on the garden. E built the greenhouse, the new arbour and rewired the fence. So mission accomplished. We had just one little thing to do this week to finish the chore list.

The beds near the greenhouse needed to be formalized. We grabbed some logs from the beach and the soil was produced and distributed from the compost. Part of the beds will be dedicated to roses and shrubs with the remainder used for asparagus, garlic and onions.

I am still waiting for the material to arrive for my Christmas quilt projects so I have scheduled November to think about sewing. When I arrived here I didn’t know how to sew and the wonderful women here taught me to quilt. This year the island fundraiser is a knitted afghan and I don’t knit so I am not involved and have taken the opportunity in my mind to also step away from the future quilting projects.

October 20th is my deadline to finish my last island newsletter. With nothing much going on around the island this summer, there isn’t much to write about. I have no great expectation of a great literary work. This will be the last newsletter I produce as I am stepping away from all of my jobs here on the island. Fortunately, I have found a few people to take over a couple of them with just the editor position to fill.

Covid has taken its toll and it seems it is time for me to focus on the garden and writing the words I want to write. Maybe I will finally have time for writing the book I had planned but will definitely continue the blog. In the new year the blog will be behind the subscription wall so no one can tell me what I can or cannot write. I need to manage the stress

I can control

9 thoughts on “I can control

  1. I love reading your stories. I would like to come visit one day when all this world wide stuff is all over with. I have always wanted to go whale watching, and well I could do that just on your deck with the morning coffee.


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