for the confusion

Whoops, everyone. I was trying out a new format for the blog and accidently posted an item which needed a password. It was a mistake and I have deleted it. You haven’t missed anything and I won’t do that again!! Well, not for a few months. Maybe, In the new year only the subscribers will be able to follow along, but I will give you lots of notice. It might be the only way to keep the trolls out of my life.. We shall see but in the meantime, I didn’t mean to bother you all, I know that your time is valuable.

I have sent a message telepathically to the wildlife that they are to keep us entertained for the winter and I hope to have plenty of nature channel postings for you.

In the meantime it has been a beautiful couple of days here. Thank you for following. Please stay safe.

again, sorry for the confusion

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