To have them

My grandma had thirteen pregnancies and one live birth. In 1921 she gave birth to my mom, three months prematurely and that one baby survived. Mom became the only child of two warm, loving and gentle parents. As Mom aged and her parents were gone she would lament there is no one that knew me as a kid.

When I had two sons and had no intention of trying for a daughter, E’s aunt told me, not to worry as my son’s wives will be my daughters . (Joanne, she obviously loved you! ) I did end up trying for and having the daughter I dreamed of and now, not only is my son’s wife like a daughter to me, my daughter’s partner is like a son. We embrace the partners of those whom our family love ‘cause family is family. Family multiplies. That is what it does.

This weekend E is reunited with his siblings for the first time since Oct 2019.

Everyone is vaccinated and yet still meals are shared outside. We are all mindful of the risk and still grateful for any opportunity to reconnect with our family.

In addition to our joy to be together and the robust conversation around the family table, the topic has turned naturally to the incredible selfishness of the unvaccinated. There is a unanimous frustration with the responsibility of the unvaccinated for the ongoing pandemic situation. I cannot imagine being related to one of those moronic anti vax idiots. Thankfully our family is all on the same page. Suffice to say, an intelligent group of people.

With the current healthy stash of water in our tanks and the 700 more gallons we will likely accumulate this week, we felt confident that we could replace the water in the fish pond.. We pumped the poopy fish water into the garden tanks and the fresh rain water into the pond. The fish were grateful for the much needed treat. Next summer my tomatoes will love the poopy water.

In the garden, despite all odds, there are a few beautiful flowers determined to brighten my day.

We, the royal we, have split all the bucked wood we had, so expect to be bringing a few trees down this week betwen the rains. We really need to get all the sheds full!

My siblings are far and away so we are looking forward to more time this weekend with E’s siblings. Aren’t we so lucky

to have them?

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