Bar in it

When we were first married, my girlfriend told me a story about her parents and their continuing romance after a good many years of wedded bliss. I think, as the story went, her Dad used to leave her Mom hidden notes about the house when he had to travel out of town for business.

At the time, we were house sitting at my Mom’s, and I had to go to Singapore for work. I felt bad leaving E behind with our ten month old first born. So, I took a page from my friend’s book and left a chocolate bar in his housecoat as it hung on the bathroom door. I thought it would be a fun treat for him, you know, somewhat equivalent to my dabbling in the lifestyles of the rich and famous at the gala opening of a five star hotel in the heart of Malaysia, as a guest of the Singapore Tourist Board.

On our walk tonight, I stopped back into the greenhouse to get yet more hot peppers. I am still picking six or seven a day. There are still sweet green peppers coming too.

E earned his pay yesterday when he found out how the mice were getting into the house. We have been so conscientious about keeping the doors closed, we could not figure it out. But under the kitchen where the floor meets the wall, he found a chewed little hole with the remnants of Minnie Mouse’s dinner scattered about. So, that hopefully ends the latest mouse drama.

I finished the baby quilt I was working on. My neighbour will pop it in the mail for me at the end of the week. There is no pressure sewing a quilt for a baby. It doesn’t have to fit her like a dress would and she probably won’t be checking my stitching. Likely as not she will be spitting up on it and rolling about on it with her fish crackers and arrowroot biscuits. So no pressure…

There was one issue with the chocolate treat I left for E in his housecoat hanging on the bathroom door of my Mom’s house in 1987. The ensuite bathroom of Mom’s house was heated with baseboards along the wall next to the door. You can imagine for yourself the problem with the robe hanging on the door about one foot above and a little to the left of the baseboard heater. With a chocolate

bar in it

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