I need tonight

For the record, it actually did finally rain for a couple of hours yesterday. It really wasn’t very much but it is amazing what that little bit of water will do, for practicalities and the spirit.

The garden tank which captures rain from one side of the bunkie is up 150 gallons, and the main tanks, which capture the rain off the house, are up 400 gallons, less what we used for our celebratory baths and laundry. I feel confident to say we survived the summer drought. Next week, after a few more days of rain, we will be able to wash the windows and give the house a much needed clean.

I had to test the pickles I made, today. It had been three weeks and I couldn’t wait one more day. They are fabulous and will only improve with time. Again, the preserves recipe book my son gave me, came through… Damn that Aunt Bea, I could have been making pickles for years!

Once the pickles were opened, what they needed was a bit of meat and cheese, a cracker or two and a little red wine…Before we knew it we were having my favourite dinner.

I didn’t sew today. I didn’t even get dressed til 3pm. It was one of those kinds of days. When I did eventually get up to the greenhouse, there was another dozen hot peppers to be picked. I wish chocolate was as easy to grow as Ring of Fire peppers.

Fortunately, my new neighbour took the peppers off my hands. She likes to cook with them. Between you and me, E gets a look of horror on his face when I come back from the garden every day with another handful of hot peppers.

We have the greatest new neighbours. We loved our old neighbours but when they moved they left their beautiful home in great hands. Among other things, the new neighbours are gardeners and great fishermen. They gifted us some salmon tonight. Honestly, we are so fortunate to be surrounded on this island by the nicest people. I am fairly certain that with a couple of gorgeous fish now hidden in our freezer, it will be that much easier for us to encourage our boys to visit. I am not too proud to use trickery and bribes to see my kiddos.

Fortunately our kids are vaccinated and willing to get rapid tested to come and see us.

My anti anti-vaxer post last week was shared and had more readers than any other that I have written. Even though I strayed off my usual topics, I received overwhelming support from all of the people I respect. I have been tempted to delete the blog and go back to my garden.

I thought long and hard today as I lay on the couch in my pjs watching the Vicar of Dibley, eating scones that E made for me. I came to the realization that I am so done with people who won’t get vaccinated and I love being connected to you guys, my readers, my friends and neighbours and even the readers whom I have never met. If someone doesn’t like my opinions, they can leave the blog. It is very simple… and I am not sharing a big secret here. If everyone doesn’t get vaccinated we will be fighting this pandemic for years. I am not going to quit writing.

As I write this, my view gives me the peace

I need tonight

7 thoughts on “I need tonight

  1. Hi Moira

    I couldn’t agree more with you speaking out against these virulent anti-vaxers. I keep hearing that challenging them won’t change their minds but that is not the point. As a society we can’t let their nonsense go unchallenged. We finally buried my brother this weekend. He died of Covid in the US last year. Like E, my sister is immuno-compromised. Personally, I won’t be quiet.



  2. Definitely keep it up. It’s amazing to me that some, what I thought were intelligent people, I know have decided to forgo the vaccine. I just don’t get it. Morons


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