A good day

Now that the rabbits and I have come to an understanding on boundaries, E and I are more than happy to see them all bounding about the property outside the garden fence.

With the nearby ponds all dried up, as they are, we like to keep a water dish outside the garden for the wildlife. Most nights we have a selection of raccoons, ravens, deer and bunnies. I may not have water for the garden but I will always have water for the critters.

I spent the day in the garden. The last of the veggies have all been picked with the remaining plant material put on the driveway for the deer and rabbits to nibble. When they are finished with the leaves, anything remaining will go into the compost… It is unusual to pack up the veggie garden so early, but with little water, there is no choice.

At the same time, I moved the peppers into the greenhouse. Lettuce, spinach, carrots and peas have all now been planted in there. Perhaps I am dreaming, but the hope is to be able to have fresh veggies from the greenhouse well into the winter months.

We have an incredible volunteer fire department on this island. A fire hall was built by the community thirteen years ago and the truck we use now, was bought five years ago with the support of the BC Lottery gaming fund.

The volunteer fire committee has designed a distributed water system. Twenty-four 2000 gallon water tanks are placed evenly around the island to allow for easier access to water if a situation should arise.

The firehall is also fully equipped with the best of equipment for not only fire fighting but medical emergencies. Free fire fighting and first aid courses are offered to islanders through funds raised by community efforts like quilt raffles and, again, the BC gaming grant.

Old fire hose was donated to the firehall so E grabbed some of it. He spent the morning getting the hose sorted out and there is now 300 feet packed into a bin next to the tank. If needed, even before the fire truck should arrive, we could access 2000 gallons water, year round.

Finished the afternoon by picking the plum tree. Only 2.5 pounds left by the raccoons for us. We are happy though ‘cause when you think about it, how many plums do the two of us really need?

All in all, it was

a good day

4 thoughts on “A good day

  1. So lovely to get a peek into the day to day. Couldn’t get the video to work though for some reason. Do you think the tomatoes and peppers would over winter in the green house? I saw a you tube video this morning that said they do if kept at no less than 7C. Wondering if you have ever tried such a thing.


    • Hi. I’ve never tried anything in the greenhouse before cause I’ve never had one! Haha .
      But I have moved the peppers in to give it a try and next year will maybe grow some tomatoes in planters with the intent to move them in in the fall.
      I’ll let you know how the peppers turn out.

      Try going to the actual blog at deergarden.me
      The problem with the video might be from the post coming to you through email.


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