To live there

Another town day yesterday. With any luck it will be the last for two months. We bought diesel and gas, sorted out the Post Office (so our friend can pick up any packages that come in over the winter) and picked up another big grocery order from Save On.

We haven’t set foot in a grocery store, since, I can’t remember when. Maybe last year? We order what we need on line and they bring it to our car. The service is free and awesome! I mentioned to “our personal shopper” one week that we were going to load the groceries onto a boat. She suggested that she could pack the groceries in strong cardboard boxes for us, if that would help. It would, she has and now our pantry, freezer and closets are all full.

The weekly community grocery delivery continues. Through the kindness of the two guys running it, islanders like E and I can still get fresh milk and vegies through the coming months. We are set for the staples like flour, sugar, yeast, coffee, tomato sauce and wine!

When the temps cool and we light the wood stove again the house will soon be filled with the scents of homemade soups, sauces and chilies. We have been hesitant to make the house any hotter this summer by turning the oven on but it won’t be long before we will also make our own homemade bread and treats. I love the fall and winter! Pumpkin spice muffins, sourdough bread and cinnamon buns.. yum..

One note about the diesel. We have needed the Kubota 7K generator just once since early March. It is three quarters full of diesel and we don’t expect it will need any more fuel before Christmas. This is our first full year with the new solar panels (4800 watts) so our generator needs are really anyone’s guess.

There are two quilt projects all set to go. I am just waiting for the rain. Seems unnatural to sew on a sunny day but we all know those BC rains will come eventually and I will be happy to turn my attention to the sewing machine when the garden is wrapped up.

We had an amazing whale show last night. A group of, maybe 8, Orca spent several hours in the waters in front of us, presumably eating their dinner. I posted a couple of quick videos on my youtube channel. Orca Aug 27

This is our tenth winter here, and , as you can maybe tell, I am looking forward to it. We are together and we intend to do whatever we have to do to stay as safe as we can be.

As is usual on a sunny weekend morning there were kayakers under our deck again today. I could hear them talking.

Man- First thing I would do is put a diving board off that deck.

Woman – That house is gorgeous, I bet it costs a million dollars.

Long pause

Woman – You would have to be a different kind of person

to live there..

4 thoughts on “To live there

  1. Loved the ending…different kind of person! And there you sit ha ha!
    Your description of winter in your home sounds lovely!! Yes fall projects sound wrong on a brilliant sunny day. Today was beautiful!


  2. Oh no! Not that different kind of person. LOL WE are looking for that year that allows us to winter over . So much different than the summer. Maybe this winter. One can only hope.


    • Oh we do so hope you can get here sooner than later. We actually prefer the winter months here. But either way it’s a great place for rejuvenation especially for odd ducks like us.
      Sending you both great big hugs. Xox


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