A trashy book

I watched Mayberry RFD with Andy Griffiths, in the ’60’s, as we all did. Like most of you, I remember the iconic episode when Aunt Bee made her homemade pickles and the pickles, despite her best efforts, were inedible. Poor Andy and Opie didn’t have the heart to tell her and were expected to eat them all, so they replaced hers with store bought pickles. She was then so proud she entered them in the county fair to finally beat her best friend Clara in the dilly competition. Of course hilarity then ensued.

To this day, every time I think I might like to try making pickles I think of poor Aunt Bee and set aside any thoughts of trying to make such a complicated condiment. Until today…

The temperatures are again supposed to hit the mid thirties today and tomorrow. I thought what better time to try making pickles for the first time. My friend offered to get me the cukes and dill that I needed, at a farm on Vancouver Island. Thanks Heather! E and I began early this morning and we were done by 11am. Three Quarts and ten Pints.

We won’t know for a few weeks if our first attempt at home made pickles is better than Aunt Bee’s. There is no county fair here, or store, and my best friend doesn’t make pickles so our efforts can’t go too wrong. Worst case scenario, we will have a garlicky addition to the compost bin. Best case scenario, it will be another treat to add to the winter cheese boards. Either way, hilarity always ensues.

I am fairly certain we are entitled to now escape the heat and spend the rest of the day in front of a fan with

a trashy book.

2 thoughts on “A trashy book

  1. Your pickles will turn out great! My wife made a YouTube video on how to make dill pickles; it surprisingly is our most viewed video. Who knew pickles were so popular. Zuchinni make good pickles too. Just another thing to do with those prolific vegetables from the garden.


    • I think a lot of people are intimidated by them… I will know soon enough if it was a waste of time. I am hoping they turned out….. If so hopefully next year I can grow all the dill cucumbers I will need. I had to buy them this year as apparently Voles love cucumbers and any that were not growing up a trellis were eaten…Good tip about the zucchini, I had given up on growing them cause I could not possibly use them all…..

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