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This post is for my own records more than your entertainment. Fair warning, lots of tomato talk. But I might finish with a Dad joke.

All of the shrubs may be slowly dying in the ongoing drought, but the veggies, which are getting a portion of the valuable water, are showing their appreciation with abundance. The tomatoes were ready to be picked on the first of August and I have already harvested 20 pounds.

In an attempt to get a more meaty tomato, with less seeds to contend with when making salsa and tomato sauce, I tried two new types. I bought the seeds from Vesey’s seeds. One is an indeterminate, Big Beef and the other, a determinate called Bobcat. Both have proven to be worthwhile choices.

The Big Beef is early and prolific and the Bobcat is compact and laden with huge meaty fruit.


We had to start canning today because, with all the supplies in house for the family, who are visiting for the next two weeks, there isn’t an inch of space in the freezer. Five quarts to start.

It is worth mentioning that last year we grew more tomatoes than we could ever use but still didn’t start canning ‘til August 16th. We ended up with 15 quarts of sauce and 14 pints of salsa. There could never be too much salsa in my pantry.

This year, I felt I needed to up the salsa game and added onions, cilantro and jalapeños to the garden. Although the onions are small, I grew them from seed, not starts, and will hope for even greater success next year. The jalapeño are crazy prolific but I have no idea what to do with them all.

As has become tradition with our daughter and her partner, when they visit, we sit at night on the deck working collectively on a giant crossword puzzle.

One of last night’s clues, was “an animal track”.

E’s response was…. House of the Rising Sun.

And that ladies and gentlemen is your Dad joke

of the day

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