Is their uncle

That is it. I resorted to tin foil on two of the 6 foot windows, and yet it is still 32 degrees in the living room. I am sure the house now looks god awful from the water but couldn’t care less. It is 40 degrees in the spare bedroom. Fortunately my granddaughter isn’t sleeping in there tonight, and neither is our son using it as his office, like he did for a month. These temperatures are nuts.

In anticipation of our guests tomorrow, E downloaded six books for me to read. Tomorrow, we officially start our vacation and there is a little bit of reading and a lot of relaxing on our schedule.

Both of us have a time management problem, in that once we start a book we don’t stop until it’s done. So we hesitate to begin until our chores are done and the chores are never done. But it was too hot today to work… we both started and finished one of our books.. It was a really nice day despite the temperatures. I can not remember the last time I read a book and, before we started the reno, I used to read several a week. It was nice.

If anyone is wondering which plants are uninteresting to a rabbit’s palette, and which plants the rabbits love, here is what I have learned.

They love, love:

Carrots (so cliche), marigolds, roses, gladiolas, lilies, and cantaloupe.

Bunnies have no interest in:

Tomatoes, Asparagus, Candytuft, Dahlias, Rosemary, Basil, onions, garlic, pumpkin, mombresia , or cucumbers.

In fourteen months we have had one quick coffee with our daughter and her partner on the deck of their condo, after E’s March doctor appointments in Vancouver. They are coming tomorrow for two weeks and we are so looking forward to their visit. They are bringing their puppy, Shanty’s brother. I am so curious as to how they will all get along. Piper

is their uncle.

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