a warm fire

During the Sochi Winter Olympics our friend Kathy came down to the house at 3:30 in the morning to watch the gold medal hockey game between Canada and Sweden. In those days there were very few people on the island in February but, we who were here that day, were committed fans. The three of us snuggled under our individual blankets in our best pajamas to cheer on the Canadians. I think coffees with Baileys were involved.

The layout of the original house at the time, had the living room with the wood stove three steps above the room where we watched TV. It was not conducive to great warm air circulation. I took a picture of the thermometer that February morning as we were waiting for the game to begin and it was -4C in the “TV Room”.

Last night we hit 38.5C degrees in the newly designed house with all of the new windows. No air conditioning and no cold water for showers. I got up at 2 am to refill the dog’s water dishes and rehydrate myself and found the living room still sitting at 32 degrees. That is quite a range of temperatures to experience here over the years.

I need to tell you these things not because you don’t know it’s hot out there but because we need to remember this week. This is the week, when for the first time in my life, I have considered buying an air conditioner, have committed to buying two more portable fans and am now going to install reflective film on the upper living room windows. I have ordered the film and it will be here next week. It is too late for the current heat wave but we will have it for any future issues. I imagine we will just keep it installed during the summer months. Who knows, but if we could keep the temps in the living room slightly below stifling during the summer that would be awesome.

It is currently 22 degrees outside and 29 degrees in the living room. So less extreme than yesterday. Tonight’s sunset was just lovely. If I had to choose cold mornings or hot nights I would take the colder temperatures. I do like to snuggle in front of

a warm fire

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