Centre of it

Middle of a dark and stormy night with just the usual rhythms of the wind and waves outside the window, as we slept in our new home on what used to be an empty winter island. Suddenly, we were in what might have been a scene from Apocalypse Now. The sounds of a helicopter seemingly landing on our roof, our bedroom lit up with high beam spot lights. The dogs went nuts..

The lights lasted in our bedroom just a few seconds but we were all then awake and could follow the unmistakable sound as it moved slowly up and down, around our island and the next. We turned to the marine radio channel 16 to figure out what was going. There was a boat missing.

We got up and watched the lights of the helicopter and accompanying search boats for a couple of hours. I think the missing boat was eventually found, hidden in a cove on the island south of us. It was a stark reminder to us newbies on how things can go terribly wrong on the water in front of us.

We continue our task of filling the wood shed for coming winters. I don’t think we are the only ones who used more firewood than normal this winter, and our reserves are lower than we would like.

E took down another tree yesterday. Absolutely the perfect tree. First of all, it was already dead and an Arbutus which is the gold standard of firewood. It was also next to the wood shed where it will be stacked. There is also an area right next to it which can host a burn pile. I was able to have it all tidied up and the burn pile going by the time the rounds were stacked and ready to be split.

A few more Arbutus fell during the winter on our upper level beside the water tanks. Today we will take the chainsaw up there. Those rounds will have to be thrown off the cliff and then carried to the wood pile. Not quite as convenient but a great windfall none the less. Who needs to go to a gym?

Over drinks the other night I agreed to restart the blog if forty people said they wanted me to. They did, so I am here. If you all get bored reading my endless prattle about tomatoes and water shortages, so be it. I love you for your continued patience. As a side note, an upcoming story is likely to involve something embarrassing Barrie did.

Last week, E had already headed to the wood pile while I was still getting dressed in our bedroom. I have a large eight foot window facing the water next to my bed. The curtains are never shut because well no one can see in from the water and who would want to?

Then I heard the sounds of a helicopter coming closer and closer. It sounded as close as that night long ago. I leaned over to look up out the window but it wasn’t above me. It was at eye level coming straight at me in front of the cut. I didn’t get a picture because I was dumbfounded, shocked and trying to find a shirt to put on. But imagine this view with a helicopter in the

Centre of it

14 thoughts on “Centre of it

  1. YAY from me too! I was so sorry to hear that you wouldn’t post even though I’m sure you already have enough to do. But I sure am happy you will be here!


  2. Yayyyyy!! You’re back! I’m so glad. 😊
    Seeing that helicopter coming straight at you must have been quite a shock! Especially when you’re in the middle of getting dressed! 😳
    Wendy 🙂


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