do the same

E has been chopping down trees and splitting firewood while I putter in the garden. Building the greenhouse last winter put us way behind on our usual firewood accrual, so it’s an urgent job to get done before the point in the summer when the forest fire danger rating is high and chainsaws and wood splitters are discouraged. Running the chainsaw and wood splitter also kill his back so working with them for just a few hours a day is enough to allow him to get things done and still continue the next day.

The beautiful Maple tree which we both loved had to finally be murdered. The branches were hanging over the garden, and blocking the light to the apple trees. The roots were coming up in the garden and just generally becoming a nuisance. I have already got a baby Maple and baby Garry Oak growing in the same area with plans of rehoming a Hawthorne and Elderflower to the same side of the lane. With the downing of the Maple, a young Yew has revealed itself in the rocks on the hill. Although it admittedly looks a little barren now and we really miss the canopy, there will be more trees to take its place.

All of the vegetable starts are now planted in the garden and ready to go and the plants are all covered in buds. It looks like it will be the most prolific year ever. The garden is ready. There is not much more I can do now but wait for the flowers to bloom and the vegetables to produce. It is like the house has been cleaned, the table set and the roast is in the oven and I am just waiting on the guests to arrive at the party.

Each of the twenty-one tomatoes is planted with a stake, a cage and an old piece of pipe with holes drilled in the bottom. When I water them, I just pour the water into the pipe and it goes directly to the roots. There isn’t a drop wasted. One watering can fills three pipes and I do it every second day.

The never-ending saga of our water continues. We had 7000 gallons saved when, on April 1st. E opened the water to the bunkie so I could use the washroom there when I am in the garden. Today we discovered we are down to 800 gallons in the tanks on reserve in the garden and only 1600 up top!!!!!!! Oh FFS’s. He went under the bunkie and the pipe to the pressure pump has sprung a hole, probably because it was an old pipe we found around the property. #$^%^$ !!!!!!!! We can still pump from our well, but are now desperate for a fairly rainy June to top up a tank or two. Sigh. I might have to start bathing and brushing my teeth with wine.

So, I have been thinking about this for a while and I want to thank you all for following along, but after 2300 posts, I have run out of things to talk about. I cannot in good faith force you to listen to my non-stop chatter about tomatoes for one more summer. So, while I consider if I am going to continue the blog at all, I am going to begin by taking the summer off. I will see you again in the fall.

To all of you, thank you for reading (81,000 hits) and all of your nice comments. Get vaccinated. Stay safe and have

a great summer. We will try to

do the same.

16 thoughts on “do the same

  1. HI Moira.. don’t stop now … I just got started :-)… I think the writing and photos are wonderful and it brings me that much closer to the island.


  2. I hope you have a lovely and productive summer. I will certainly miss your blogs but I understand. Lots of love to you both,


  3. Thank you for giving us a window into your life! It is a nice way and I’m being selfish here, to stay connected with you and E…although very one sided. Enjoy your summer and whale watching!

    Miss you!


  4. I’m going to miss reading your blog so much Moira. 🙁
    Enjoy your summer, hopefully you’ll feel inspired to write again in the fall.
    ❤️ Wendy


  5. Ha! The inevitable ‘resignation’ from blog writing….as if it was possible. Writing is like sweating, it is something you have to do when things get hot. You can’t stop. That would be like holding your breath to stop Covid. Can’t be done. I have quit a few times. Same reason. But that reason is a lie. I have stuff to say but I know no one wants to hear it. Want some more political rants? Want some on sexual politics? Want criticisms of the institutions we all trust so much? How ’bout just a few posts re the ferries or the cost of living or taxes? No….? I understand. Still, I want to write it. I just know better. And the spleen gets swollen while I keep quiet and then, and then, and then….KABLOOOIE!!!! A writer’s gotta write. Face it.
    Having said that ‘truth’, I confess that I am hitting that same wall again, too. Not so much from a dearth of topics but more like a dwindling of audience. When readership goes down, commitment to the blog drops, too. When comments dry up, so does creativity. Singing to an empty theatre is pointless whether you are a good singer or a bad one, have a good song or a bad one, whether you are accompanied or not. And, sadly, a theatre with an audience of a dozen is just not enough. Damn!
    What date in the Fall are we starting up again?


    • Thank you. I know I quit before but I do find I tend to write less in the summer anyways. This break will be more “official “.. I just think it must be so boring to read.. so practicing the old adage.. how can you miss me if I don’t go away.. I am going away…..


  6. Best of luck with the water situation, though I can’t say I’m wishing for rain…well, maybe throughout the night!!

    I enjoy reading about your garden….I’m in an apartment, so it’s always nice to read of garden type stuff🌷


  7. Oh no! Will miss your blogs but I suppose you deserve at least the summer off. I hope we will still see some “live” Facebook posts should Bobbie happen by.


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