A new normal

Life is, ever so gently, becoming normal again. We are 2.5 weeks post first vaccine and last night we visited, just four of us, around a campfire at my sister-in-law’s. First time in almost a year. Today, I loaded up all my seed tomatoes and drove around the island delivering vegetable plants to my friends. I can not remember the last time I visited six different properties and chatted with friends, let alone visited them all in one day. Wasn’t sure if I would remember how.

We were socially distanced and outside but there I was socializing none the less. Brief as the visits were, it is still about five properties more than I have visited in over a year. The conversations revolved entirely around gardening.

I have given away (traded) 43 tomato plants now and kept 21 for my own garden. My friend is giving me two different ones in trade for those I gave her. So 23 tomatoes this year will go in my garden. Last year I swore I wouldn’t grow more than 10 tomato plants. But, I have the room and enjoy having the variety, especially in my pasta sauce. I think the variety creates a unique flavour. I gave away 52 pounds of tomatoes to friends with no garden last year and will probably have enough to share again this year. So the plants go to those with gardens and the tomatoes go to those without. Everyone wins.

In return, I was offered alternate varieties of tomatoes, eggs, herbs of all sorts, a variety of peppers, and prawns. One new friend has just started her garden so the tomatoes were a garden warming gift. It’s all good. I love to share them and really like the idea that plants I have grown from seed are all over the island.

One friend suggested that I should grow vegie starts specifically to sell to her and to the islanders who grow vegetables. I kind of like the trading idea but maybe a little hobby growing vegetable starts and flowers could be born. Maybe earn enough money to support my gardening habit. Something to think about but, in the meantime, I have had fun this spring with my new greenhouse.

So now I move my greenhouse project to growing flower starts and plant divisions.

E has finished electrifying the new garden fence. This job involves installing a single wire around the top perimeter of the garden which administers a small shock when touched by masked bandits. It is powered by a small solar panel on a fence post. Both of us, over the years, have accidently touched it ourselves and although uncomfortable it is not life threatening to the intruders. So with our new fencing for the deer and wire for the raccoons we just need to finish the bottom perimeter to defeat the three bunnies which I saw today under the apple trees at my gate.

If there was to be anything which would get me to socialize these days, it was the opportunity to share plants and talk about gardens. I am not sure if we will ever feel comfortable traveling internationally, visiting indoors with people who won’t vaccinate, or sharing a mic at a New Year’s karaoke party in the fire hall, but today I enjoyed the beginning of the

the new normal

2 thoughts on “A new normal

  1. So glad you can finally see some friends!What a year. We think of you often and wonder how you are managing. I’m sure having Jade come for visits is such a wonderful time for all of you.
    Take care! And love your blogs.
    A welcome break from the craziness of practice right now.
    Take care
    Joy ( and John)

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thank you and thanks for following along. I cannot imagine the stress you must be under at work. E and I have been fortunate to ride out the storm in paradise but we do miss the kids. Jades visit was a wonderful treat. We are lucky they will send her to us… stay safe!


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