Use more firewood

A lot of my baby plants and cuttings have now been moved into the new greenhouse.

One of my ongoing jobs right now, in between chasing a three year old and the puppies, is to sift through our full compost bins. Last week I came across the January prunings from my Peace rose. One of the branches wrapped in compost had live buds on it, so I popped it into a pot. Then I decided to take cuttings of everything I could. Dogwood, Flowering cherry, Fig, Fuschia, Hydrangea… everything.

I figured that, if the plants lived, it would be fun and, if they didn’t, no loss.

So now I will be taking my clippers with me everywhere I go, snipping branches from my friend’s gardens and plopping them into my experimental pots.

E stained the exterior cedar boards today, so I feel it might be time to give you a peek at the greenhouse progress.

Didn’t I tell you the garden is my church…

Although it is sunny these days, it is friggin’ cold. The wind is coming right at us, all day. We have gone through a lot of firewood this winter, way more than we have ever used.

The greenhouse really does have a lot more sun than this picture indicates, it was taken at the end of the day. But it could have more. In the summer we have plenty of sun but there is a tree or two which could be taken down to improve the hours the greenhouse receives in the spring. Fortunately, we can always

use more firewood

6 thoughts on “Use more firewood

  1. What a. Awesome green house best of luck with your plantings. I think if I were to come and visit I wouldn’t want to leave it looks like heaven.


  2. I love your new greenhouse! Especially the stained glass windows and Dutch door!
    Great job Ian. 😊👍🏻
    Have fun with your granddaughter.
    Hugs, Wendy.


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