and Granny Clampett

Yesterday, at the end of the day, I went up to check on Frank (pick up mail). Absolutely no one but our neighbor Anne anywhere near us at this end of the island so I felt it wouldn’t be unreasonable to venture up wearing my pandemic uniform. This outfit would be more commonly referred to as pajamas in the real world. I’ll be honest, I thought it would be safe, as Anne, in the past, has sat with me on the perch in the sun while I shaved my legs, so I didn’t think seeing me in my pjs would offend if I ran into her.

As I was walking toward Frank, in my finest sleepwear, I saw three people were coming toward me with a dog. The sight of three strangers walking down my lane toward me is so rare at the best of times, let alone in the last year, that I was confused more than startled. But I waved and the puppy barked. Over the barking, I understood they were walking around the island looking for properties that were for sale. Particularly the one on the road behind us. I explained how to find it and they were on their way. After the last year, honestly, I think there are only one or two properties left available to buy. I have given up trying to remember all the names of the new people. It has been insane.

Work is progressing well on the greenhouse. It won’t be long before I can put my seedlings in there even if it is just temporary. E is going to get it air-tight and then will stop for a day or two to build me a new arbour for the garden. The new roses are arriving this month. Then he can go back to the greenhouse and build the counters and install the sink etc.

I have peas up in the garden. Lettuce, spinach and onions are planted. The red pepper seedlings are thriving down in the house and I am hoping the tomatoes look happier once they are moved to the greenhouse.

We pumped water from the well for the first time today. On a good day we can get three gallons a minute and we pumped for twenty minutes. We haven’t pumped since last August so I imagine there is lots of water in the aquafer for the taking. It hasn’t really rained very much lately and we were down 1200 gallons from our maximum in the tanks. It would be nice if we could pump in a day what we use in a day, but the well really hasn’t been very reliable the last few years.

We have now officially gone one month with no wine in my glass. We have a nice dinner planned for E’s heart anniversary next week so we will end the ridiculous sobriety then..

Regarding my outfit yesterday, in my defense, I had been sewing all day. Work continues on the island raffle prize quilt and I honestly saw no reason to get dressed when I was working inside. But, I suspect after our encounter, the couple who were lost on our lane seriously questioned buying property on this island once they realized they would be living down the road from the likes of Jed

and Granny Clampett.

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