is my church

Our barge arrived last Monday filled with everything I could think of to supply E with a summer’s worth of projects. They were ordered from Arbutus Lumber on Gabriola and then delivered it to the barge at Elverano Beach. Everything from soil to fencing wire, 2×4’s and rough cedar, was packed tightly together to be craned onto the barge. Then our friend ran the crane at our marina here on the island and lifted it straight into our 34 year old beast of a F150 truck.

It wasn’t too difficult to off load at our house because we could drive right to the work site. If you are bringing supplies over, I highly recommend this process. Didn’t cost too much and no back breaking labor involved.

The week since has been spent tidying up the garden to get it ready for spring. The mulch has been spread, vegetable beds amended and almost every plant which is going to be moved, has been moved. Additional wire fencing might be needed around each of the vegetable beds because honestly, as cute as the new puppy is, she is a menace. Her heart is in the right place when she tries to help but her gardening skills leave a lot to be desired. As it is, we have to replace all the wire around the main garden since I watched the raccoons walking right through the wire that was there.

E continues to build the greenhouse and although it won’t be finished by the suggested March 16 deadline, the tomato seeds can probably go in there while he works around them installing the fan, lighting, plumbing and siding, etc. I am nothing if not flexible.

With the intention of spending a lot of time growing flowers from divisions and cuttings in the new greenhouse, I took a lot of divisions today to get me started. More pots will be needed.

Right now the garden is unbelievably messy, as I pull plants out and move them all around. The shrubs are all bare and there are no flowers to speak of. It really isn’t particularly pretty but I just love working up there. I will post pictures in June when everything is in bloom and it will be gorgeous. These days are good days.

The garden

is my church

4 thoughts on “is my church

  1. You have your next 3 months of spare time filled, I think you should start booking your holiday your going to need a hard earned rest.
    I do love a thinker, planner. Organiser & doer
    The satisfaction of achievement must be wonderful. Enjoy πŸ‘πŸπŸ‘


    • I wouldn’t say I am any of those things but I do like to weed. In June when all of the flowers are in bloom I will feel some satisfaction. Right now I just feel impatient. We have sat around doing nothing all winter it is time to get to work.Thanks for following….


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