of my priorities

It has been a little over two weeks since last we spoke which is, coincidentally, when we opened our last bottle of wine. In anticipation of many warm summer nights with a cold pinot gris on the deck we have signed on for yet one more dry month. My ability to write something even remotely interesting directly corresponds with my access to wine, but I will give it a go.

I planted my peas in the garden yesterday. I know it’s early but I have tons and they may just thrive. An experiment if you will. We have to soak them first or the little mice will dig them up. Once the pods have a root, the mice will leave them alone. I hope. The onions are doing well in the house so far, as are the red peppers. The lettuce and spinach seeds have been started and are also on my dining room table.

We have a barge coming next week which will bring over everything we need to finish the greenhouse and the garden. There are also supplies arriving for the railing on the bunkie deck and to finish a couple of projects in the ever continuing reno job on our main house which we began 4 years ago. The reno jobs will, fortunately, never be finished and so provide endless entertainment for E.

The greenhouse, like the bunkie, will be able to use up a lot of the remaining materials we saved from our original house. For example the tiles from the old fireplace are going to be my counter tops, the bins holding all our stuff from town are now empty and will be painted black to hold water under the counters. Left over insulation panels can go behind the water bins. It is going to have cedar siding to match the bunkie and old windows from various houses. Mary gave me a couple of old stained glass windows from her house and my sister in law donated a couple of cut glass windows from a demo in Point Grey. E is even going to wire it for lighting in case I have the urge to plant seeds in the night.

Last year we had guests who donated a tub full of extra plumbing bits to E. It occurred to me I am also going to need a sink, when E said he had just the thing. The tub full of plumbing bits is actually a sink and there are legs included. Thanks Don!

We had an amazing visit by a pod of Orca under our deck this week. As always they were hesitant to hold still for a photo but here is a glimpse.

The fact that the greenhouse will have its cedar siding finished before the main house gives you an indication

of my priorities

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