To amaze me

With the background of torrential rain pouring outside the window behind him, E turned to me and asked “by when exactly, are you thinking you need this greenhouse built?

“March 16th,”I replied. “Give or take a few days.” I like to get most seeds started mid March. The onions are doing great in the living room for the moment, but it is not a big room at the best of times, made smaller now with two dogs and all their toys. I don’t want more seeds in here.

A little bit about these peat pods. The most success I ever had starting vegie seeds was the year I used these things to start my seeds. I think I had 140 tomato plants that year. I was giving them away to everyone. But then the netting never really composted and was wrapped around the roots even in the fall when the plants were harvested. I still find the netting now, years later, in my compost bin. So I never bought them again.

But one can’t argue with success and I really need my seeds to thrive this year. So I am using the peat starter pots again but plan to peel the netting off when I pot up the plants into one gallon pots. Hopefully, that will give me the results I am hoping for.

With the weather predicted to be sunny and clear today we jumped at the opportunity to work outside.

I pruned the plum tree and E glued the 2×4 plate down to the cement floor of the greenhouse. We were also finally able to burn the rest of the pruned branches from the apple trees.

So get this. Remember when we tried to burn those branches last week and were left with a shell of branches when the fire only burned the inside of the pile and left a teepee shaped pile of twigs on the burn pile? Well, if you don’t, we did, and there was.

Every morning we would walk past the burn pile and there would be branches pulled out of the pile scattered around the driveway. Which is weird cause there were no leaves left on them to nibble, no reason for animals to disturb the pile….

So this morning I go up to light the fire and I pulled all of the branches aside to get a good flame going at the base. And what do you think I found? Go on, guess. Nope. No matter what you guessed I am sure you are wrong.

I found a ton of deer poop! The deer had made a nest under the twigs of my burn pile and were sleeping on the soft cushy ash pile.

This nature channel never ceases

to amaze me…

2 thoughts on “To amaze me

  1. Ah, the rare and elusive Gulf Island Ash Deer! You’re very fortunate- they are harbingers of large tomato harvests! (Though they may eat everything else to the ground).


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