have been overkill

Since as long as I can remember, every time we cleaned our house for dinner guests, one of us will say, “it’s lucky we are having company tonight, the house desperately needs to be cleaned.” The question lingered would we actually ever clean if there were no guests visiting?

The island newsletter has been sent to the printer and I am finished any island quilting I can do until I get more material. I started a baby quilt with some Kaffe Fasset material I had in my stash but couldn’t finish it because I don’t have a big enough piece of batting.

Honestly, every project on this island is completed in stages as we never ever have everything we need to finish a job the first time. You never realize how often you need to stop in the middle of a project to run to the hardware or craft store in town until you live on an island forty minutes from a store.

E power washed the cement pad we poured two years ago for the greenhouse but he needs it to be dry to glue the 2X4 plate to begin construction. We are in the middle of a winter of endless rain so we are hoping a tarp on the pad between rare sunny breaks will further us along. On the upside, still no freezing temperatures or snow.

I know I said I wouldn’t talk about rain water catchment any more but you know better than to believe anything I say. I need to mention that on November 1st our water tanks were full and we are still full three months later. February 1st the water tanks are up to the brim. Even with all our bathing and laundry and over heating range boiler and power washing, the tanks are still full.

I can’t do anything with the newsletter until it is printed or the island quilt until I get more material or my baby quilt until I get batting so I turned my efforts to a quilted beach bag for my granddaughter. I have enough little pieces of batting to sew together for a tote bag. I don’t know when I will see her again but hope springs eternal.

As for the nature channel it never ceases to amaze me that when I go out on the deck to fill the suet bird feeder there are usually sea lions swimming right below me. I will never grow weary of awesome.

This morning, when I couldn’t finish the many projects I wanted to finish, I was forced to look around the house and accept the fact that, guests or no guests, the time had come to clean. I hate to admit how long it had been. Suffice it to say that instead of the vacuum cleaner I used, a shop vac wouldn’t

have been overkill

Wolf moon in the morning

2 thoughts on “have been overkill

  1. Hello
    I smiled when I read your post about cleaning your house because company was coming. I think many people feel this way as well. I used to say my house would get cleaned and I would cook a good meal when company came.

    Reading through your older posts I noticed there was a reference to bran muffins from Binos restaurant. I love those muffins and have searched for the recipe. Will you share yours?




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