the white pants

We have a Scottish drying rack to dry our clothes which is suspended from the ceiling of the guest room. If we hang our clothes in the morning in our guest room, they are dry the next morning. It works well and has proven an electric dryer to be a needless power expense for our solar power. We wash our clothes in the winter in hot water, always hot water. Any pretense of washing in cold to make clothes last longer or preserving fabric color is a waste of time. As is separating light clothes from dark.

Our clothes are all darks. There are no whites and no “daintys” We have dark black clothes, we have dark plaid clothes, we have dark blue clothes and we have jeans. We have work jeans, and old jeans and stained jeans. We have clothes we wear when we fish, when we paint, when we garden and when we work with diesel. The days of white clothes are over for us. When and if we ever go to town we spare no effort to put on our cleanest of plaid shirts and bluest of blue jeans

So let me say this about that.

We are currently in the middle of season two of the four seasons of TURN on Netflix. Now for those of you who haven’t seen it, it is about the American Revolution. British red coats vs American blue coats… and all of them in white pants. White pants! In 1776, with no luxuries of washing machines or bleach these fellows are all prancing about in white pants. White pants!!!! It defies logic.

I am close to having the island newsletter finished and close to having my quilt squares sewn for the island raffle quilt. At that point I plan on spending a good portion of my time sewing another quilt like this one until I can get outside to the garden. Then, all day every day, I will be in bliss puttering in the garden and my new, soon to be built greenhouse.

One of my vegetable experiments this summer is to grow onions from seeds rather than sets. I planted them last week and there are already signs that they are alive and coming up! It is all very exciting. To grow them from seed saved a bunch of money and I will be more than pleased if I can pull it off. Still no sign of the garlic coming up

I cannot tell you how meaningless things like spiffy white clothes are to me since we moved to the island. If clothes are clean, I am happy. Practicality in all things is more important than anything these days and yet here I am discussing laundry with you. How freaking boring is that? But after a nice bottle of white wine it seemed imperative than I express horror at

the white pants

3 thoughts on “the white pants

  1. Love this! Yes! No whites here any more either! Off grid island life will do that, and it is so much easier, no choices to make. Your laundry drying system sounds like ours, works just fine until the weather is fine enough for outdoor drying on the line. Writing about, and talking about, freaking laundry, must be a sign of the Covid-bushed-blues times we are in. But frankly, when the writing/conversation is so good, even the most mundane topics come to life brilliantly, and make a nice change from the usual doom and gloom media/politics/epidemialogical discussions. And your quilt is gorgeous too! Thank you and happy new year to you as well. 💖


    • Thank you.. Won’t it be so nice to be able to get the clothes back out on the line! When I started the blog it was meant to keep my mom posted on our life. I swore I would never complain or get political…I have on occasion given in to the occasional vent or political statement but I figure other blogs cover that topic quite well, no one needs to hear my opinion. Hopefully people read my blog posts for a smile and a diversion. As E calls it, a description of a day in the life… I do appreciate your time though. thank you.. Spring is almost here!!!!!

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  2. Haha M,
    We were just talking about how non white our clothes are. We also wash all our clothes together and as long as they have been in the washer they are clean no matter what they look like. Hope all is well and you both are happy and safe.
    Best wishes
    Ps oh forgot to tell you. We are putting in a furnace for insurance reasons

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