the small shit

Cold weather predicted. Sub zero temperatures expected.

E brought a hose down and attached it to our deck tap. It is fed into the water tank below the deck. Tonight we will turn it on to drip into the tank below the deck. It will automatically pump back up to the reserve tanks if it hits 350 gallons. Water won’t be wasted but the chances of our pipes not freezing are increased.

It isn’t expected to get really cold but neither were -4 degrees predicted last year when most of us ended up with huge problems from a sudden freeze. We have taken the on demand hot water tank off the bunkie and packed it away. We have covered the pipes under the house in pool noodles. We should be fine no matter how cold it gets.

I spent the week filling the wood bin on the deck with the arbutus firewood we save for this time of year. It is so much heavier in the wheel barrow than fir, so I tend to carry a lighter load, lest I get going and can’t stop before I reach the cliff. Hard wood like arbutus is like gold in the fireplace for heat.

Grocery day today. Fresh fruit, veg, and milk arrived from a nearby island thanks to my neighbour, who does a weekly run. My pantry plan is going well. With the stores I bought in June we have been able to keep our bill under 50.00 per week. We are not fussy eaters.. E made a really delish shepherd’s pie and we ate if for three nights. We had two nights of a ham and now we are on day two of my pea soup. The house smells fab.

Pre-covid, we would be socializing with our friends and sharing our dinners so we didn’t have to eat the same thing for three nights, but this works too. As I said, we aren’t fussy and if I don’t have to cook, leftovers is one of my favorite meals!

It was an absolutely stunning day here on the water. Flat calm with sunshine, but it was cold. I don’t do cold. I got up at 230 am and it was 16 degrees in here. I lit the fire and at 6 am it was 18. I sat in my chair by the window under a blanket til noon when it hit 24 degrees. At the risk of sounding like an old woman, my arthritis was acting up….

E walked the dogs at day break, but with Piper’s shorn coat and Shanty’s baby fur, neither of them were inclined to go too far. All of us were delighted to snuggle by the fire for the rest of the day and dream of the spring days to come.

I do not understand why there is no garlic peeking out of my garden yet. It is the first time I have planted it in the bed I chose this year and it is the first time there has been no frost. It is a worry.

As evidenced on my spy cam there are four raccoons cavorting in my garden compost every night. Forget worrying about the electric fence not working, they are hoisting themselves onto the lower level chicken wire and squeezing through the 4 inch mesh of the upper main fence. Needless to say, a rewiring of the fence is planned with the new greenhouse build.

We have been binge- watching three seasons of Yellowstone on Amazon. A great way to while away the evening hours. Kevin Costner ranches in Montana and goes to great lengths to protect his land. I have empathy for him as he sits in a chair, on his deck surrounded by nature with no sounds of the city. Kevin and I are a lot alike in that regard however E and I have had to kill way fewer people on an average day and we haven’t yet dumped any bodies off Dead Truck Hill.

I was speaking, tonight, to the woman who lived next to me for 22 years while we raised our kids. I confessed that after 22 days, dry January ended for us tonight. Giving up wasn’t when I thought it would happen, to celebrate the departure of the moron below. His departure was celebration enough. No, it was tonight we decided that, after 22 days, enough was enough. We had made our point. My friend asked what made us open a bottle tonight?

I replied that the wood bin is full of arbutus, the water tanks are full, the pantry is full, and there is pea soup on the stove. We are warm, we are dry and we are together. We need to celebrate

the small shit

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