the nature channel

I expect the end of dry January will begin tomorrow morning the minute he gets on the plane and leaves Washington. I expect to begin my drinking extravaganza with Baileys in my coffee moving on to Champagne in my orange juice during the inauguration followed with a really nice red over a beautiful celebratory steak dinner. A selection of good riddance themed music will be playing on the stereo all day. There will be a collective sigh of relief and a ceremonial disconnect from the news channels on the television.

The opportunity for life returning to a semblance of normalcy for E and I isn’t very likely until Covid is under control next fall but the ability to spend our days unconcerned with the politics of our southern neighbours will be a welcome relief.

I am working on the island newsletter. Basically, this involves me sitting in my pajamas at the window drinking pots of coffee and wishing I hadn’t dropped my good eye glasses into the ocean. I am relying on cheap Costco reading glasses which cause me to go cross eyed after twelve hours looking at my lap top.

I received notification from a neighbour that there was a pod of six Orca coming up the island and that they were fairly close in. We dropped what we were doing, grabbed the camera and waited for their arrival. E got some great video.

At the end of the day, watching Orca play outside my door is infinitely more interesting than talking about, thinking about or watching American politics. Fully aware that we could have walked away from the dump show long ago, we didn’t and, right or wrong, we are grateful it is over. We welcome the respite.

E finished his wiring project with the generator remote start. Like most of the chores that need doing here, it didn’t take long once he got around to it. It isn’t the difficulty of the chores that are the problem it is the shear volume of never ending things which need fixing. But to be able to start the generator from the comfort and warmth of the house is a great chore to get off the list.

Tomorrow we celebrate the end of the worst reality show in history and prepare for the spring line up of whale shows on

the nature channel.

One thought on “the nature channel

  1. Very optimistic thinking, M.! Do you really think he and his followers are going to fade away into the sunset? We shall see, but for tomorrow we can all be happy once he gets on that plane. Enjoy your wet day!


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