just in case

I honestly can’t remember when we have had this much rain for so many days in a row. November, December, and now January have been remarkable. We still manage to get out for a dog run early each morning. Timed just right ’cause the dogs don’t like the wet any more than we do.

A few years ago we installed a weather station off our cliff. It is hooked into the Weather Underground App and measures temperatures, winds, and rainfall. The rain gauge stopped working two years ago. Watching the wind speeds and temperatures has been entertaining but it was frustrating to not have any idea of how much rain has fallen, especially with the rains we have been having. E has taken the gauge out several times to clean, with no success, but at 2:24 this morning it started to work again.

snuggle buddies

I stopped at the garden to drop the compost in the bin. I think there is a herd of raccoons partying up there at night. They have made the most horrid mess. However, it is cold and miserable out and I did not feel like spending one more minute outside than I had to. Clean up will have to wait. I am guessing the electric fence has somehow become just a fence. Again, best examined on a nicer day. But we have moved the nature cam into the garden to see just how many of them there are.

Eleven families have groceries ordered this week from the community shop at the neighbouring island. In a normal year there are barely eleven people on the island. Started in March, it has been a great service and we have two of our neighbours to thank. Right now it is gusting 52 km with 9.3 mm of rain falling in the hour. These two guys are out there, in that storm meeting the delivery van at the dock, so that I can get some vegies. How kind is that?? Awesome….

When I was up in the garden I took a look around to see if there is any life showing on the plants I moved around in September. The honeysuckle is alive but no signs of life yet on anything else. Garlic isn’t even peeking its nose out yet. There is, however, one brave, beautiful gladiola still blooming.

Hard to see any whales out my window when the waves are so big but I am trying my best to watch for them as I sit by the fire,

just in case.

2 thoughts on “just in case

  1. Re: “Just in Case”, and rain measurements. I’m glad to hear your rain gauge is working again. If you’re interested in measuring rainfall, you might enjoy getting a CoCoRaHS (Community Cooperative Rain Hail and Snow Network) rain gauge, joining the volunteer network, and logging your data on the interactive web site. https://www.cocorahs.org/Canada.aspx . Your data helps improve regional climate models, and the web site provides a convenient way of accessing your data (or those of any other site) forever. The CoCoRaHS gage is “manual”, in that you have to go read it and empty it. But in return it tends to be more accurate than the automated tipping-bucket rain gauges, which tend to underestimate. And it can accurately measure snow, too, on the rare occasions that DeCourcy gets snow. I’ve been logging air and water temperature at Link and in the Bay for a long time, but no weather instruments.


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