day every day

I am fully aware that it is annoying for me to be this content during a pandemic. Do not judge me but I am just about as happy as a kid can be. My vegetable seeds arrived and, in my mind, the greenhouse is finished, the temperatures are milder, the winds are calmer and my seed trays are ready to be planted. It is March and a summer of bounty awaits. In my head.

Our son went home today. It is just the two of us left, along with two dogs, a full pantry and a growing, albeit undemanding, to-do list. Thank goodness for the bunkie. If it weren’t for it there is no way our son would have been able to stay so long. We set up the extra bedroom down at the house as an office and he was able to work from there. We weren’t really expecting the bunkie to be occupied at this time of year so it wasn’t as warm as I would have liked. The 11,000 btu propane heater used 40 lbs a week to heat the 320 sq. ft building. A wood stove wood have been better but it is a very small cabin, so at what square footage cost?

The day our son arrived we saw whales out front of the house. Not close in but they were there. The two times he arrived, in the last year, Orca arrived on his first day. He is a good luck charm. On the 21st of December we also had an amazing visit from two humpback whales. They came up under our deck and I mean right under our deck.. It was gob smacking. No pictures, sorry. I will be ever so grateful to the nature gods if they could continue entertaining us this winter with visits from these gorgeous animals. I promise to keep my camera at the ready for you.

The rains have been biblical this week and not only are our tanks full they are over flowing. On Jan 2nd there is 40-50 mm more rain expected. Honestly.. I need more tanks!!!!!!! Heads up I am going to be harping on this for a while until E gives in just to shut me up….

What is on our tiny to do list you ask? Well…….. We need to prune the fruit trees, split the firewood and have a big burn pile to clean up the resulting debris. We need to build the greenhouse, upgrade our septic system, weed and mulch the garden for spring, finish some research for an article I am writing, write and produce the island newsletter, finish the two quilts I have started and complete my share of the squares for the island fundraising quilt. None of it is urgent. All of it on our own schedule and all of them are jobs which we want to complete. After all, we can’t drink wine and eat cheese and crackers all

day, every day

2 thoughts on “day every day

  1. Off grid and loving it. But then really all the full timers on the island are off grid. NOT ONLY are you full time off grid you have a whale of a marine animal show. WE want to come back. NOW!!


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