Takes ten days

I missed Sydney Crosby’s golden goal. I couldn’t stand the stress during the Olympic’s final overtime game and went into the kitchen to wash the dishes… Between us, if I had to be honest, on many occasions I have read ahead to the last page of the book I am reading because I could not stand the suspense. It is a predisposition that I need to know what is going to happen, and affects no one but me… but it is, in many circles, thought a character flaw.

I restocked the cupboards today. Once a week, I visit the tubs stashed around the house to restock my supplies from the groceries I bought in June. It is very satisfying to look in a tub and find what I need. So far my experiment has gone well. I have plenty of coffee, baking supplies and paper products.

The freezer is still so full that our dinner menu is predicated upon whatever first falls onto the floor when the freezer door is opened. I keep a running list of its contents and, with six months under our belt, we easily have another half year’s food on hand.

Sure, there have been some mistakes with my advance purchases and I did underestimate some of the amounts we needed.

The dried shiitake mushrooms I bought for sauces and pizzas were in a word, gross. The newts who live in my compost will hopefully appreciate them.

I have had to add ground beef and ground pork to the freezer this month and next year I need to can more diced tomatoes for the pantry. But other than that, we should be good for most of our food until the spring.

Once a week we get groceries from the neighbouring island. Our order is mostly dairy, bread, vegies and fruit. I try not to spend more than 30.00 per week. Ideally 20.00 is perfect. For absolutely no reason at all, if I am near my self imposed limit, I make the week’s bread if it is necessary to keep us within budget. This is all a kind of exercise in thrift, which is fun in a world where we get our entertainment where we can get it.

I finished yet another Christmas tree quilt this week. This one is for our house. They are fun to make. I have three other various quilts laid out to finish this winter. Keeps me entertained.

We are, in fact, after all, going to get a puppy. A little girl. My Christmas may not include my kids nearby but it will involve some major cuteness.

So the American election is today. In 2016 when the writing was on the wall I went to bed at 8 pm. I am not American. I have grand parents who were, but we don’t talk about them. I have no idea why I am so invested in this election but mostly I just want Trump to be out of my life. I don’t want to hear his voice or see his face again. I don’t want to have to think of the latest horrible thing he has done. Ever again. Any more..

And so, with that, I can’t bear to watch the results on TV anymore. I will go to bed and wake up when the decision is made. Even if it

takes ten days,

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