Am worried about

Currently we adjust the house temperature by adding wood to the fire in combination with the opening and closing of bedroom doors. If the house is cold we close off the bedrooms. Too hot? Open a door or two. Really, really hot? Start opening windows. We don’t really need a thermostat, we can tell the temperature in the house by where Piper is sleeping.

There are huge issues going on right now, on the island, with house insurance. The major insurers have decided they aren’t going to insure houses with wood stove heating as the primary source of heat in 2021 without a hefty increase in premium. And I mean hefty!

Those of you out there reading this who are also living off grid, feel free to tell me if you find an insurer. In the meantime, we have until the spring to completely reconfigure our heating method or come up with some serious cash.

Temperatures are decidedly colder this week. It is usually 4 degrees warmer at our house than at the marina across the way. We don’t really worry about our pipes freezing unless Vancouver Island hits -3 or lower for two or more days. It hasn’t.

Stopped in at the wine locker on our way home to replenish the stock and I could not believe how cold it was. Hmm might have to move the reds somewhere warmer. I worked so hard at keeping the mice away it didn’t occur to me that my brilliant set up might get too cold… Are Italian red popsicles a thing?

Finished the quilt I started before garden season kicked in. It isn’t anything fancy or clever. Basically a big soft flannel blanket for one of the bedrooms in the bunkie. Thanks to Maureen for the idea to do a rag quilt and avoid some stitching hassle. It was pretty darned simple, even for me, but it is warm and cuddly so mission accomplished.

Forget about frozen pipes and house insurance… its our wine stash I

am worried about

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