about sea lions

Someone, who shall remain nameless but I can guarantee regrets her mistake, spilled coffee on her keyboard and for the last six months hasn’t been able to capitalize with her right hand or end a sentence with a period or question mark. But her new to me lap top arrived yesterday with an honest to goodness functioning keyboard. It is a basic machine, really a glorified typewriter but it has made writing fun again. Maybe I will get back to work on the book and be able to show my face in public again.

Although beautiful, the two herons who have taken up residence on Link Island have been caught on camera, three times this week, fishing at the pond in my garden . The protective netting has been reinforced, the one floating dead fish removed and the trail camera trained on the pond for crime scene evidence. Stay tuned.

Arbutus trees are common in this area and we are fortunate to have many on our property. Since we moved here though, there has been some kind of fungus attacking them and, although normally gorgeous trees, ours have been kind of sad looking. Those days are over and many trees seem to once again be thriving. To the casual observer one might think the red trees in the forest on Link are perhaps maples. But with my super duper zoom lens you can see it is actually arbutus trees covered in their distinctive red berries. The robins love them as described in this post from 2013: (it a hood)

With all of the rain we have had in the last couple of days there has been amazing headway on the water accumulation. It might be boring to you but we are excited to be as close to full as we are today. I keep a book tracking our progress with a diagram of the tanks. My system isn’t complicated. C = full and closed. O=open.

We have seven tanks and five are now full and closed. This time last year we only had 2000 gallons. It should be mentioned that none of this water is from our well. It has all been caught off our new rain catchment system. I am very excited for my garden next year. Just think, when the tanks are finally full I might stop boring you endlessly with this topic.

Lots of sea lions are starting to show up these days. I like watching the seagulls steal food from them. I am still waiting for a picture of an eagle doing the same. For your sake I am hoping we can talk less about water storage and more

about sea lions.

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