Happily ever after

The first time we hosted Christmas dinner for our extended family was 1986. We had a seven month old baby and we wanted to start our own traditions. I had made the stuffing for the turkeys in the house when I was growing up so early that morning I naturally began to make the stuffing. E soon stood over me huffing and puffing about my method. We had a huge fight.

He has made the stuffing and prepped the turkey every year since. He tweaked the recipe over the first few years to a point where most of us really just go through the motions of eating the turkey itself. We are there for the stuffing.

No turkey for us this Thanksgiving, no kids and no family. E and I celebrated last night alone with leftover hamburger chowder. Don’t be sad for us though, we are having a nice dinner with four friends tonight in a covid friendly manner. Doors and windows open, seats far apart. I made apple pie.

You might have heard that we had a little bit of rain yesterday. If you are curious, we gained 625 gallons! Tanks are sitting at 5600 gallons. I celebrated with a long hot bath.

Our daughter phoned to get her Dad’s recipe, as this year would be her first time to make the turkey stuffing. Apparently it went well. I am glad. I wouldn’t want her to have been arguing with her fella over poultry seasoning like her parents before her.

Not many things to argue about any more. Disagreeable jobs were divided up long ago. He makes the turkey dinners, I set the table. I do the banking and bill paying, he pours the wine. It all evens out and we live

happily ever after

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