With their return

My first thought this morning when I awoke was how quiet and still our world is. This time of year there have been no songbirds, geese or eagles yapping below my window to wake me. Lately the seal hasn’t even been fishing at dawn. I guess there are no fish around.

It doesn’t take much imagination to remember the sounds we started our day with when we lived in the city. Traffic and sirens. Lots and lots of sirens. Nothing but peace and quiet here on the island. At least for the moment. It won’t be long ‘til a wind storm visits. There is no sleeping through that noise.

The eagle came back today. I am sure his family and friends will be joining him in time for the holiday weekend and so my mornings will again start with their chatter.

Got the rosemary apple jelly canned and the kitchen cleaned up by nine. Left me the rest of the day for small chores. Once I got all the canning equipment put away, my very tiny kitchen seemed so much roomier. Good riddance, I say, to the mess until next September.

I was tidying the deck in preparation for winter storms when my resident seal showed up, swimming back and forth in front of me. I thought “isn’t that nice to have him with me while I sweep the deck”. That is when the eagle decided to make his return known. He came from nowhere and dived at the seal’s head. Scared the heck out of all of us. Poor seal made a tremendous splash getting safely back under the water. I am sure that he didn’t have a fish in his mouth so what the heck did the eagle think he was doing?

It seems the fish must be back in the waters below me with the rest of the gang following. Eagles, seals, sea lions, maybe a few whales? My mornings may be a bit noisier but that is okay, my days will definitely be more interesting

with their return

3 thoughts on “With their return

  1. The absence of sirens is a daily gift. It is like removing your hand from a trap – you never want to put it there again and you never forget what it was like. Our neck of the woods is without any life as well save for a couple of newly arrived grouse who, for some reason, seem to be very comfortable here. Boat traffic is down (poor choice of words for boats) except for the water taxi and locals. Loss of 90%. Life is quiet and much the better for it. But all hell is looming in the Stupid States with kidnapping plots and armed Bubbas looming. Methinks this is the calm before the storm. Better to be here than there, but Tasmania feels even better.
    Tell E to get back to work!


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