sandwiches is ironic

There is a long list of tools I never knew I needed until we moved here. The sewing machine, seam ripper, food mill and magnet sweep to name a few. Today my favourite toy is the apple peeler.

We dealt with our apples and the peeler saved me sore wrists and hours of time. Six and half quarts of apple pie filling is now sitting in the pantry waiting to solve urgent winter pie emergencies and the rosemary apple jelly is at this very moment dripping through a cheese cloth. Tomorrow morning, it will be canned and I will be done for the year with all possible jars in the house filled. Finit! Finito!

I somehow managed to go through my life never reading the Sue Grafton books. You know the ones. A is for.. B is for..

Well, her book S is for Silence was in our community library box and I read it and thought it was alright so I downloaded the rest and have started at the beginning. Just my level of concentration required and I can read one in a day. Not too big of a time commitment. I am now at E and will likely not accomplish much else around the property until I finish the alphabet. Fortunately rain is forecast.

It’s a nice feeling having a full pantry and the jars certainly do look pretty on the shelf. The fact that our covid meal of choice for dinner is cheese and crackers and our lunch preference peanut butter and banana

sandwiches, is ironic

4 thoughts on “sandwiches is ironic

  1. E is for work, dedication, commitment and increasing skills. In special circumstances, E is for miracles and endurance and partnership writ large. E is a pretty special letter. Frankly, I am very impressed with the letter, E. You do not really need to read the book with the title E…you have your own original copy right there (altho maybe a little worn around the binding and spine).


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