Need of nothing

We have had a wee Belted Kingfisher hanging about the deck for the last few weeks. He rarely sits still long enough for me to get a picture. I caught him waiting for breakfast this morning. If he was a she there would be a broad rust coloured band around the chest.

We also have a baby raccoon hanging around. We haven’t had babies around for a long time. It probably has something to do with the owls living on our lane. This cutie was playing hide and seek with Piper. The baby was convinced Piper couldn’t see him if he hid his eyes. I am telling you, it was cute as can be.

I could tell you now that, after two days of burning debris, we have had a good start at tidying the property but I know you are eagerly waiting to hear about our water levels.

It is the end of September and we have 4700 gallons of water in our tanks. Essentially the reserves are half full and we are at the beginning of rain catchment season. This bodes well. Previous years we have had less than half that amount. Plans are underway for a suitable celebration for the moment we hit 8500 gallons. There will most definitely be cake.

It has been seven weeks since we were in the city. If it weren’t for a Doctor’s appointment which we can’t avoid, we wouldn’t leave the island at all. As I have mentioned before, our pantry and cupboards are well stocked and along with the weekly community delivery of milk and fresh vegetables from the neighbouring island we are in

need of nothing.

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