Sick of me

I am officially sick of canning so I took a break today to deal with the largest pumpkin.

Pumpkins with their stem intact will keep for a nice long while over the winter. But someone who shall remain nameless, who is regretting her error, picked up the 23 pound pumpkin by the stem and broke it off. Today, then, became pumpkin roasting day.

You can see why I love these Cinderella pumpkins. So much meat on them.. 400 degrees for an hour to roast. Then I skin them and put the flesh through the food mill three times and drain the juices most of the day. Several hours later ten cups of pumpkin puree for the freezer.

With the solar panel project finished E is enjoying a more reasonably paced work schedule. One job a day is our mantra. Today, he cleaned the chimney. Something he does once a year. A great September job. Took all of an hour but qualified him to take the rest of the day off.

There is crazy smoke on the water right now with the California wildfires burning. Not sure how much worse this year can get.

We are aware we are so very fortunate to be where we are and our kids are employed and safe. But what a (pardon my language) shitty summer. I have spent the better part of the last six weeks sleeping on the couch with a non serious yet bothersome health problem. I can optimistically now say I have turned the corner and am on the mend. In fact, I even have a glass of wine in my hand.

Perhaps, I will finally feel like writing again. Maybe, you will get

sick of me

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