While I sleep

As you can probably imagine I was none too thrilled about this process to install the framework for the solar panels.

Much happier with the ladder from the bottom plan. At the end of the day, everything is secure and E is on terra firma.

For those of you keeping track, our eagles are pretty much gone. They will fish on the nearby rivers until early December. Won’t be long at all when they will return and wake me up every morning with their whining. They don’t tell me when they leave, no note, no long goodbye. I just notice randomly that I seemed to have slept in.

During most nights when the tide is high we can hear the seals feeding in the cut. It is usually too dark for a picture. Last week they woke me at 3 am and I went out to find that the phosphorescence was active. Every time the seal moved he would leave a trail of light through the water. Magical. This morning I managed to film him right below my deck. He smashes the water with his tail to stun and kill his fish for breakfast.

I have to admit we have been inside watching a bit of hockey this week. E deserves a bit of a break and I am still unhappy with the heat. Well actually, he watches,

while I sleep

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