Not so much

We have our daughter and her boyfriend here for a visit for two weeks. In these days and times it could be many months before we see them again. I try very hard to be grown up about the situation, and have promised E I won’t embarrass myself when its time for them to leave.

It is supposed to rain again tomorrow so I went up to the garden tonight and harvested my wee garlic patch. I had given up on growing garlic but last year my friend brought me some garlic cloves as a gift in September. Not leaving anything to chance I dutifully planted it in the light of the harvest moon, in October, naked at midnight.

This time I also minded more traditional methods and was careful to water it regularly. Also, unlike last last year, we didn’t drop a tree on it. The resulting effort was happily much more successful. I will dry them now and we should be set for the winter. Thank you Cindy for my Russian Red Garlic. Note to self.. plant more in October.

I took two days off from chores to read a book. Thanks Alison, I enjoyed it but got nothing else done. I have hidden the other two you lent me and tomorrow I will finish my grand daughters quilt.

Kids and I were reading on the deck yesterday when we could hear a pod of whales go by. They have been sighted near us often lately so next time maybe they will be closer.

E has been happily building a box for the boyfriend’s synthesizer. Using leftover bits of fir he made a beautiful customized box. Perhaps a cottage industry has been born?

We had given our daughter all of E’s record collection at Christmas. During this winter’s purge of the storage shed we found a stack of old 45’s which had been separated from the collection. We gave it to the kids for appraisal. Boyfriend found one priced at 80.00 on a collector site and another for 200.00. Vancouver punk scene music from the 80’s is apparently worth money. The lone weird ass polka record probably

not so much.

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