Who is counting

Our turn for the community grocery pick up on the neighbouring island. Eight families took advantage of the service this week. We all call in our individual orders by Thursday, and they are delivered for no extra fee on Saturday to the government dock by refrigerated truck. The island liquor store delivers at the same time.

We drive our boat the ten minutes back to our island and put the bags, already marked with the family names, on the dock next to our boat. Everyone can then help themselves while we stay on our boat until they are gone. You can not beat the convenience. Eight less families in the island store with no loss of sales. Seven less families in their boats using fuel needlessly. Win win.

This afternoon we put the final touches on the bunkie before our guests arrive. Our son and girlfriend came in February and gave us two ideas for improvement. We have solved them. We hope..

I am sure we have forgotten something but it will be good to see what works and what else needs fixing. It is never going to be more than a bunkie so the bar isn’t too high. Our daughter, and her boyfriend, are not terribly fussy so they are the perfect test guests.

Our favourite leather lazy boy chairs from our home in Ladner were ruined in the rain on the day we moved here.. Jan suggested we paint them with chalk paint. It worked great. Always the most comfortable chairs to sit in while reading, they are perfect for the bunkie.

Our neighbours, after reading yesterday’s blog came through with wood to finish my laundry step. Thank you!

We are really looking forward to the arrival of our guests. Neither when my daughter went to university in Ontario nor when she travelled to Europe, Machu Pichu or the Galapagos did we ever go this long without seeing her. It has been twenty six weeks and three days, but

who is counting

8 thoughts on “Who is counting

  1. The bunkie turned out great! Nice to have your daughter visit to take advantage of all your hard work. The grocery delivery process is a wonderful improvement for island dwellers. – Margy


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