Bubble by two

In case you need proof of the beauty which can be created by endless days of June rain, I submit the following pictures. For years I have been unable to water my flower garden at this time of year and the plants just barely hung on. Sure they survived, but never flourished like this year.

Julia Child rose from my son
Queen Elizabeth rose from Alison
Peace Rose from our previous owners

The apple trees are covered in baby apples. Even the fig tree we received from my brother and sister in-law eight years ago, for the first time, has seven figs. It is going to be a bumper year in the garden. Plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables, they all love the rain…….

Having said that, E and I are ready for some sunshine. Our daughter and her boyfriend, after isolating at home for two weeks are coming to visit for a few weeks and it would be nice if they had some good weather while they are here. They deserve it.

This morning E painted our old leather chairs with chalk paint for the bunkie. They look good. I will show you when they are finished. We have also added a coffee pot, kettle, and toaster to the bunkie for our daughter’s convenience. I am not telling her where my medicine chest (wine cellar) is…

This afternoon, E started to build a platform for me to stand on so that I can safely use our new laundry line… To hang the laundry now, I have to stand on a rock at the edge of a cliff. I am short. After three years of reno projects, unfortunately, we are now starting to run out of left over wood bits and couldn’t finish. We will think of something.

And so life continues. We are happy. We are safe, and this weekend we are excited to expand our very small

bubble by two.

2 thoughts on “Bubble by two

  1. Hope you all have a great visit. Jeanie and Nick are really looking forward to seeing you both and are looking forward to some fresh air -they have been diligent quarantiners!

    Sent from my iPhoneJoy


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