My peace rose

If you are like me you have a big lump on your forehead and you have absolutely no idea how it happened. This life is never without scrapes and bruises but usually I would remember a lump.. On a separate, and I am sure unrelated note I am working my way through the wine cellar. Twenty four down, three hundred and eight four to go.

In the last few weeks we have had rhubarb crumble, rhubarb sticky pudding and today, you would find rhubarb oatmeal cookies were cooking in the oven. It is rhubarb season and my freezer is full of meat, so it will be rhubarb desserts until we move on to berry season. I am not complaining, we love rhubarb.

The water situation we find ourselves in at the end of June is, as you can well imagine, more than satisfactory. Crappy weather aside, June rains have been very good to us.

Last year we began March with way less than our capacity of 8500 gallons, 6000. We enjoyed a summer with a lot of guests (workers) visit (work), the garden was fairly healthy and still we ended August with 1300 gallons in the tanks.

This winter we had two major human errors with the water storage. Both E and I share the blame on this one but to simplify, we lost a combined 2000 gallons from sheer stupidity. But June has been our saviour. We will begin July with a healthy, green, flourishing garden, a power washed deck, clean hands, clean clothes, clean hair and…. drum roll please…….5350 gallons of water in the tanks!

Barring more human errors, with a now fully functioning rain catchment capability from the roof of the bunkie, I see no reason we won’t reach full capacity next year. It can take a lot of fine tuning on this island for systems to work just the way you need them to work. You may have deduced as much from the ongoing water saga I regularly bore you with..

These two fellas and their shy sister spent the morning playing at the cut.

I think these are Pigeon guillemots. They live in the rocks below me.. cute eh?

Evening entertainment this month has been eclectic. We binged a Netflix show called White Lines. Then, in desperation for something cheery, we watched the Great Canadian Bake Off which was kinda fun and left me wanting to learn how to make digestive biscuits.

Then, on recommendation from friends, we watched the 13 episode documentary on Netflix called World War II in Colour. They were quite right. It is excellent. My only criticism, question, concern, a point of irony if you will, is that despite hour after thirteenth hour of repeated death and destruction which is depicted in the show, the warning at the beginning of each episode foretold the possibility of witnessing a person smoke a cigarette. I am talking D Day, Tobruk, Hiroshima, Belsen…. and the censors were concerned I might be upset by the glimpse of a soldier smoking?? Whatever, we liked it

On a more cheerful note I will leave you with this little guy who is living in

My Peace Rose

4 thoughts on “My peace rose

  1. Thank you for the news from the Islands, from one who can’t be there (yet…)! Your word-pictures and photos are the next best thing to being there. Sorry to hear about the forehead bump- I agree with the theory that it’s one of those cargo-plane-sized mosquitoes. Congratulations on the restored water supply!
    I’m pretty sure your “scoter” birds are pigeon guillemots. The peregrine family on the north-west cliff of Link are especially fond of them. Compare the narrow bill of a guillemot with the wide bill of the surf scoter.


  2. As always your blog entries leave me smiling or teary. Congratulations on the water… though it was a painful June , the gardens are thriving and perhaps that lump on the forehead cane from an Alpha mosquito!


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