Deserve the treasure

I spoke to a guy in the parking lot of Super Store the other day who said that he had considered buying property on this island but when he realized he would have to shlep every bottle of wine and block of cheese over here by private boat, he went a different way.

Once something has been in fact, schlepped over here by private boat or hired barge and its original purpose eventually over, a neighbour could likely put it to use. The very fact that it is already here on the island and doesn’t need to be transported is of high value.

The living room chair from our home in Ladner is in my friend’s bunkie. Her bookcase and futon is in mine. Today, another friend’s peg board has a new home in our shop. This week, we also gained a clothes line, music stand and hoe. A lot of our unused building supplies are spread around the island and the majority of our old kitchen, is in another friend’s house.

Since we moved here eight years ago, I have yapped on and on that I would like a clothes line. We have this really cool indoor Scottish drying rack.

It works very well but there is nothing like the scent of sheets and towels once they have been dried on an outdoor line. A friend didn’t need hers any more and passed it on to me. I am sure E was thrilled to see me come home with it. He loves it when I give him an excuse to climb a ladder.

Years ago, I went on the annual South Delta garden tour with one of my many sisters in law. I had no time for people with unlimited budgets who could augment their displays with annuals just for the garden tour, but still I loved going on the tour to steal ideas from clever gardeners. (Side note: is there anything other than a gardener who is clever? What is the opposite of an oxymoron? We looked it up … It is a tautological statement.) Anyhow, I remember two distinct gardens.

One fellow had a Calla Lily the size of a large garden pond in the centre of his garden. He said he kept removing lawn as it expanded. The other was a fellow with water filled milk jugs between his tomato plants. He said the sun would heat the water and it would keep the plants warmer through the night. Sandra do you remember? Anyhow, I have stolen his idea. I need to start drinking more milk!

So, as you may gather, I am drinking wine again and therefore writing…. Apparently my writing inspiration is part Erma Bombeck, part Roald Dahl mixed with a heavy dose of James Joyce.

Back to the fellow in the parking lot. It is true. It is a lot of work to live here. It is the price we pay for the hidden treasures of privacy, beauty and peace. Much like taking the first step into the tunnel of a mine looking for gold, if you aren’t willing to take a leap of faith, risk it all, and do the work you won’t

deserve the treasure

2 thoughts on “Deserve the treasure

  1. So? Drinkin’ again, eh? What is to become of you, Deer? I have connections on Skid Row if you need ’em…? Mind you, I think they have largely moved on to chemicals these days but still, a rooming house manager is still highly prized when you need ‘im. If you ever need a reference, just ask. I can get you in. I recommend the Dominion, the Metropole or the Cambie. They are a cut below the bottom of the basic rat-hole but colourful, dangerous and full of near-death experiences. A writer’s last bastion….?


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