to me yippee

It seems like I have aged a year since we last spoke.

Whether you are interested in what I have to say or not, I need to document some mundane details of our off grid life.

Although in previous years we usually have had our last wood fire on May 7th, we have still had them in June. This week, there were mornings when we woke up to 15 degrees in the living room. It is J.U.N.E.

On the upside, our garden is lush and green without using my water supplies to water it and we added probably 1000 gallons of water to the tanks so far this month.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time lately working on my grand provision project. What I couldn’t buy from the Great Canadian food store and have delivered to yesterday’s scheduled curb side pick up, we ordered from Amazon.

The shopping list was everything I could imagine we might need, from Septonic to chow mein noodles, for the year. As we pulled up to the curb, the young fella laughed when I gasped at the size of the trolly laden with bins full of food. He said “this is one quarter of your purchase. There are three more like it. Forty two bins in all. All four personal shoppers worked on your order.” It was the biggest they have had. Sigh, our car isn’t that big.

I explained that we weren’t hoarding or crazy people. But the young fella had seen how much chocolate and cereal we had bought. Crazy couldn’t be discounted.

Fortunately, we had already taken a load to the boat with our six cases of wine, several dozen beer, gas and the mail. The mail consisted of all the Amazon orders like Pond filters, window blinds, quilting material and such.

At the Post office the clerk greeted E, with a “I know who you are” as he handed her his pick up card. She went to the back and brought out a bin on wheels for him to bring the boxes to our car.

Loaded it all on the boat along with propane and diesel.

Driving down the lane to our house we remembered that we had a driveway down the hill. We never take the truck down it. Even through the reno we carried everything up and down by hand. Driving seemed like cheating. But I am a lot older now..

So, whew, we did it. Provisions are in for the winter…I am so curious to see what we have to add along the way and what, if anything, doesn’t get used.

Either way it is a fun experiment and a huge accomplishment to have most everything we will need here and stored away for life off the grid during a pandemic..

Happy birthday

to me, yippeee

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