together and hug

There was a large pod of Orca in our waters last week but they were not really close enough for great blog pictures. A humpback sped past too, but it wasn’t Bobby. Sure it was young but it was very vocal and our Bobby doesn’t vocalize very much. But good to know there is still lots of activity near by, even if it isn’t right under our deck.

Very sad to report that one of our neighbours has sold my personally favorite house on the island and are moving on to their next chapter. They have been here seventeen years. I am unrealistically confident that the last eight (since my arrival) were their favourite. The island has benefited from their generosity countless times, from him carving the beast at celebration dinners to her quilting and knitting many many raffle prize. Women’s game nights at their dining table were just too much fun. I have a flowering Cherry tree and three hydrangeas in my garden which, when they bloom, will always remind me of her. Good luck you two! Maybe following the blog will keep us with you.

My flower garden is wild! The bees insane. The scents hypnotic. I haven’t had to use very much of our water reserves so far and it is June. We might actually be okay. The vegetables are all doing what they are supposed to be doing and when their demand for water is the greatest our tanks should be able to handle it. This year more than ever, we will be relying on the garden for our winter food. It looks promising.

I continue to diligently restock our pantry, cupboards and fridge. My goal is to stock the food and supplies we will need for twelve months. It isn’t easy. Thankfully, we have a variety of friends picking up a few items at a time when they are at the store in addition to the supplies we are getting from the neighbouring island. The most surprising lesson I have learned from this venture is the shocking amount of peanut butter we go through in a month.

E built another entrance to the garden nearer to the bunkie. The concept being that guests could take their coffee to the garden in the mornings and embrace the peace of the sounds they might find as they begin their day.

When the news of the day is just so very sad and the worries of the world around us seem so insurmountable, E and I know that we are fortunate to be together and live these days safely and in good health in this paradise. We take strength from the love we have for our family and friends. We miss you all. Please know we are thinking of each one of you in these most difficult of times and take comfort that there will be days ahead when we can laugh together, drink wine

together, and hug

2 thoughts on “together and hug

  1. Hello
    My husband and I have bought the property at on Flewett and will be moving in July 31. We are driving from Ontario with a tiny trailer of mostly tools and a few mementos.
    I know you and E are in quarantine but we will meet soon enough. Duane and Bernice have been terrific and will be orientating us but we’ll take all the advice we can get and may, with your permission pick you brain when needed.
    My E (Ed) sounds just like your husband. Smart, handy and loves to fill his time puttering and helping others. I love to cook and do yoga and meditation. I’m not a gardener but our property is mostly rock so I’m off the hook for that. I was considering chickens so that may be my island thing.
    Who knows. It’s all to be discovered.
    Hope you both are well. I miss your posts but understand that one has to be inspired to share.
    All the best
    Ed and Sheila


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