is a bitch

Full disclosure. I never got dressed today. It just doesn’t seem worth the bother. It’s not that I am running around nude, I have my jammies on but E is likely quite sick of my ensemble.

The weather these days isn’t the best, so I am continuing with indoor projects. Unusual for May days for sure. E is contentedly puttering inside the bunkie. There is room for storage above the bathroom for sleeping bags etc. He lay down a stiff plastic panel to make it a cleaner space. I’m probably not describing it very well. But suffice to say. He is down to the last finishing bits.

He finished painting the furniture. I had told you I would show you my Mom’s blanket cabinet with the quilt I made for it when it was finished.

With a scheduled trip to town for us in June we now have the need for masks. In true “me” style I asked a few friends how they did it, spent hours on the google looking at ideas and eventually came up with a plan. This site is titled “What we learned after making 167,000 masks”, hosted by a group of women who have been supplying PPES to first responders in Washington state.

The masks are meant to be custom fit and reused after hand washing. The host has a handy tip section on what you can use if you don’t have the right stuff. Although I have lots of cute material, I don’t have the right bits and bobs… After much experimenting with sizes and the sacrifice of my only two, cloth, re-useable shopping bags. Here is the result. The nose clip is made from the thingy on a coffee bean bag. The shopping bags used as interface apparently give it an almost N95 level of security or,certainly, all we need for our purposes.

Not much unusual in the wildlife department going on. So not really anything to report. I won’t update you on Mrs. Robinson, it’s all too sad. Although I love living here and we are so very fortunate to spend our isolated hours together on the nature channel, sometimes mother nature

is a bitch.

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