and few murders

Welcome to day 39 on our island preceded by another 29 days on island since we got back from Mexico, or as I call it …. an introvert’s idea of heaven. We have a planned visit to the city in the middle of June but other than that we have really no intention of leaving the island…well, forever.. If I could figure out a way to test E’s blood work and give the dog a haircut we wouldn’t have to leave at all. But I can’t do either.. so off we go..

We are committed to socially distancing. If preaching “your truth” about a need to look pretty, party on the beach or build your stock portfolio, is more important to you than social distancing, and wearing a mask for the safety of the vulnerable in the community with whom you share this world… I do not want to hear about it, hire you, go to your store or buy your bread.

Whoops. I try not to get all political and negative here. I slipped, sorry. But you should know where we stand. E sums it up pretty simply. There is no cure. There is no treatment. If he gets it, it will likely kill him. We are staying home.

Our property is 2.5 acres. We have incredible privacy and, really, all of the comforts of home. We have no problem with internet service in our house at this end of the island and wanted to get service up to the bunkie and garden so E bought a wifi extender for our Telus smart hub. It cost about 100.00 and our dear neighbour picked it up from the post office for us .. (thank you Mary). We now have service throughout our property.

Our kids are safe and all but one is working from home. It’s difficult to be a wildfire fighter working from home, but that son has assured us they are taking precautions. The others are, as I said, safe and, I am hoping, able to figure out a way to come here and stay and work from the bunkie. If they should visit, that bunkie will be the single most brilliant thing we have ever done…

I have now used most of the material on the quilting projects I had thought would occupy me in November. It is the middle of May and I made a Christmas tree skirt for a son who neither needs nor probably wants a Christmas tree skirt…. In May!!!!! Last night, I found a great site, with beautiful material, that would ship to our PO Box for free. I ordered a ton… In my defense, I had planned on buying a lot of material on our cruise to Bali in March and that didn’t happen. When my new purchases arrive, I should have enough material to finish four more quilts. Or, as I like to call it, happily isolating at my sewing machine.

In the evenings we are rewatching the IT crowd on Netflix, very funny, thankfully no politics and

And few murders

2 thoughts on “and few murders

  1. All worries of the virus aside….your place looks like paradise to me so I would stay home too! You might miss the largest whale show ever if you stepped foot off the island!


    • That is it exactly.. I am afraid to leave the window!!.. We are so fortunate to be here and safe. It is surreal to us to imagine what is going on in the world out there. stay safe and thanks for following!!!!


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